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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Team Niedermaier

Calling all Team Niedermaier supporters!  Want to push the blog up in the Google Search rankings?  This post is for you!  

Post an open letter to Mr. Craig Niedermaier of Chicago.  Ask him questions, declare your devotion to his team, or just type his name over and over again.  Completely up to you.

My contribution is below, just to get things started.  If you're for the *other* team, see yesterday's post.

Dear Mr. Niedermaier,

Okay, so I had this dream awhile back about a guy who just happened to have your name. I'm pretty sure it was NOT you since y'know, we've never met (although I have been to Chicago plenty of times) and I'm not psychic or anything.  At least I don't think I am.  If you tell me you have two pre-teen daughters and like flying to Morocco for long weekends, I might have to reconsider my psychic abilities.

Anyway, Craig (can I call ya Craig or should we keep it formal with Mr. Niedermaier?), When I woke up, I remembered the name so I Googled it and voila, there you were.  The rest of this psuedo-cyber stalking stuff just kind of happened.

I don't want anything, really. Nothing of significance.  It won't cost you a thing, I swear.  All I want is a comment on the blog or an email.  If you do that, one lucky winner (who has been rooting for you since Day One, Craig,  DAY ONE) will receive a prize package containing various movies filmed in Chicago.  But I can't give it away until I hear from you...or that other guy. 

You know, I'm not above bribery...would you like a prize, too?  I can send you something, if you like.  All it'll cost you is 30 seconds to type out a message.  Here, I'll even type out a few for you to copy and paste:

Dear Annoying Blogger,
Alright, enough already!
Frustratedly yours,
C. Niedermaier


Dear Ms. Rocho (technically it's Mrs. but that just sounds old),
You're quite amusing, but can you cut it out now?


Dear Vicki
Can you go cyber stalk someone else?
Best Regards,

There.  Just send one of those (or compose one of your own, I'm not picky) to MissVSpeaks(at)gmail(dot)com.

Merry Christmas to you & yours!

Vicki Rocho


What about you?  Go ahead, talk to Craig....he may be listening!
(I didn't realize it, but I've never allowed anonymous comments on here.  I've lifted the restriction, so ANYONE can join the fun.  But I will turn it on again if anyone starts to get out of line.)


Talli Roland said...

Er... I'll leave the cyber stalking of Mr Craig up to you! Enjoy! :)

Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like an intriguing contest. Best of luck.

Thoughts in Progress

aspiring_x said...

Dear Mr. Craig Niedermaier,
Thank you so much for not acquiring a restraining order against our lovely Ms. V! She really is not the dangerous kind of crazy... at least I don't think she is! She's really a very creative, unique, funny lady! and I implore you to please send her a message. I think she'll find it hilarious- I know I would find it hilarious- and it will prove the omnicient, omnipresent, all-powerful nature of the mighty Google! :) Thank you for your patience as we revel in this good-naturedly fun experiment! And... yeah. That's all I have today!
Vic Caswell :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think he'll be impressed that you take your cyber stalking so seriously.

Saumya said...

Haha, who wouldn't LOVE that letter?!

LTM said...

omg! Your dream guy!!! I forgot--that is totally HILARIOUS!

Did you ever hear from him? Did I tell you I googled "Matthew Rush"? Suddenly most of my spam comments were explained... :D <3U

MonkeyAttack said...

Okay, this is perhaps the weirdest thing I've ever heard of, but I'm game! You owe someone a big box of movies!

I am the aforementioned Craig Niedermaier—not sure anyone else would fess up to owning that name—and I have to say I'm wondering what kind of strange dreams you have that incline you toward visions of the most unpopular spellings of the most unpopular names? I feel bad and wish you could dream of cooler stuff!

Vicki Rocho said...

MonkeyAttack / Craig

I was vacationing in Las Vegas and Los Angeles when your comment came through so haven't been able to reply before now. Hearing from you after all this time absolutely made my day!

I would love to know how you found me - did you Google your name and find my old posts or did a friend alert you? You can email me directly at vsrocho at gmail dot com and I promise to keep your name off the blog from here on out. :)