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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Calling all Team McKay supporters!  Want to push the blog up in the Google Search rankings?  This post is for you!  
(if you support the opposing team, come back tomorrow.  I am not allowed to besmirch this post with the other contestant's name)

So, for all you Team McKay members out there (even those of you who hadn't declared your allegiance publicly) this is your chance to ask questions, make comments, or just let your inner comedian shine -- maybe you can make the Master himself laugh.

Here's my two cents to get ya started:

Dear Mr. Peter McKay:

Umm.  Hi. 
(insert awkward silence)

In your professional opinion, is it appropriate for a 40 year old woman to scream in Bieber-esque fashion in your presence? On the up side, you can't hear me from way over there, but I'm afraid it might just be a trifle undignified. 

I've never been one of the screaming meemies, you see.  So I'm woefully inexperienced in this department.  I've never had Hollywood Hotties plastered on my bedroom walls and I have never fantasized about meeting anyone. Not much of a fangirl, I guess.  

Point is, if ever I were to embarrass myself in such grandiose fashion, it would be for just a handful of people and you're definitely on the short list. 

I'm going to try not to embarrass myself, though that is something I DO have a lot of experience with.  Ask anyone around here.  I humiliate myself so often, I've made it a regular feature (See anything with the Mock Me Monday tag).  

For the record, if you wanna squeal all fangirl (errr fanboy? guy? man?) on my behalf, I'm perfectly okay with that. 

Happy Holidays and all that jazz,

Vicki Rocho


Your turn. What do you want to say to Peter?  
(I have allowed anonymous comments...just be nice or I'll take it away again)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Peter, despite Vicki's enticement, please forgive me if I am not one of those who scream, swoon, squeal, or make other un-manly noises in your presence.
I'll just state that I respect you, Dude.
Enough said.

Clarissa Draper said...

This is really funny! So you want to move up the Peter McKay rankings? I guess I should say McKay more in my comment. So here goes:

Peter McKay!
Peter McKay!
Yay, Peter McKay!

Peter McKay!
Peter McKay!
Yaaaaaay, Peter McKay!

Happy Friday.

Carol Kilgore said...

Peter McKay?
Peter McKay!
I can play.
Peter McKay.
Is that OK?
Peter McKay.
Happy Day
Peter McKay.

N. R. Williams said...

Now I know that I've been working too hard on my edits, re-reading and what not. Not only did I use an apparently four letter word in my post today. (A British thing. And my bad for not looking up the meaning.) But, I am clueless to Peter McKay. So there you have it.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author