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Monday, December 20, 2010

Mock Me Monday - The Nerd Within

This might be kind of hard for some of you to believe (or maybe not, but you'll lie to me, won't you?)  

I was kind of a nerd in school.

Let me qualify that.  I didn't actually define myself as anything in school.  I never really thought of myself as nerdy or cool or anything.  I knew I wasn't part of the "popular" crowd, but I couldn't really tell you where I did fit in.

Now that I'm so-much-cooler (and coincidentally so much older), I look back and recognize all the hallmarks of nerd-dom.  Nothing so cliche as pocket protectors or horn-rimmed glasses.  

My clothes were never *quite* in style (ha! they still aren't), do NOT get me started on my hair, and being in any group outside my immediate family or friends was grounds for a panic attack. 

I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but I used to get into trouble so I'd have something to do.

Stop those visions of me sneaking out of the house or attending raucous parties.  That is sooo not what I meant.  I've never EVER snuck out of my house.

No, to be worthy of a Mock Me Monday, my confession needs to be so much more humiliating.

What was my pitiful crime?

*hangs head*

I chewed gum in class.

Wait!  It gets worse.

I announced to my friends one fine Friday morning that I didn't have any plans for the weekend so I was going to chew gum in Mr. H's class so he'd assign me lines for the weekend.  (my daughter is holding a giant L to her forehead and laughing derisively at me)

You see it was all the rage back then for teachers to make misbehaving students write "I will not (fill in the blank)" 100 or 200 times.  This tedious repetition was supposed to dissuade us from such bad behavior.

But I liked to write, you see.  So even writing "I will not chew gum in class" 250 times wasn't much of a deterrent. 

But you want to know another secret?

I cheated.

No no, not on a test (OMG! NO! I'd never! I did let a football player look at my paper in English a time or two...that's a whole other story for another day).  I cheated writing my lines.

Rebel that I was, I deliberately mis-numbered my sentences.  I knew Mr. H. wouldn't count them.  As long as it started with 1 and ended with 250, I was good.  So I skipped a lot of numbers in between.

I know, I know.  How pathetic is it to get into trouble so I can WRITE and then CHEAT on the writing? 

This was the extent of my Great Teenage Rebellion.  How about you?


Dianne K. Salerni said...

Don't worry, Vicki. I was a nerd too. I carried a dictionary in my purse, and my mom cut my hair. I didn't have a teenage rebellion -- not even chewing gum in class. I didn't break any rules until I got away from home in college.

salarsenッ said...

Hah! You mis-numbered your lines. Seriously, that's genius not nerdiness. lol Hmm...I was quite the rebel, too. Yeah, in 8th grade I erased an entire blackboard of notes the teacher had written. Totally cheap on my part. But I think I got like ten bucks from friends. I also had to go to confession. Ugh...*grins*

aspiring_x said...

chewing gum in class! how scandalous!
i think the worst thing i ever did was sneak into an abandoned factory with a friend and tag our initials on the roof...
but we were so scared the cops would figure out who did it that we wrote our initials backwards.
it didn't matter that there were already like a couple hundred other tags on the building, we were sure we would get caught.
man. yeah, i was a nerd too... well, actually, i'm still a nerd, and darn proud of it! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I was about as rebellious as you, although I prefered the term geek.

Shannon said...

You're a complicated woman, Vicki. =)

I love the mind of a teen - do something to get in trouble and then fudge on the task. Too funny!

Your jaw would drop if I told you the things I did. ;)

LTM said...

NERD!!! Wow. Rebel rebel, you tore your dress. ;p

*snort*... OK, I actually DID sneak out of the house once (or twice), but the first time, I was in ninth grade, and the got caught b/c my mom listened in on my phone call with my friend whose Mom detected the screen off her window. Her excuse? We were "looking at the stars." Oh, yea. ;p

Merry Christmas! xoxo

Angela Felsted said...

It's a safe way to rebel. How very clever of you.

Tamara Narayan said...

I was too nerdy to misbehave in high school. In college, I went on a scavenger hunt with a pack of wild friends with a list including a funeral wreath (we put it back) and the toilet seat from a gas station. The only item I grabbed was an eight ball from my dad's pool table, and yes, I put it back later.

I also dragged some of these same people to an abandoned house with a ouija board to hold a seance in the middle of the night, but no ghosts were willing to communicate with us. Fun times.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...


I was a goody two shoes too (although I did sneak out, but I would rather die than cheat). :) I totes want to hear the football player story, though!! :)

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I had panic attacks in high school at the thought of being singled out as a trouble-maker. Unfortunately, I dated the star quarterback who insisted on kissing me goodbye in the halls. It was horribly stressful for me!

Thanks for sharing your funny story. You rebel, you!

DL Hammons said...

I used to nark on girls who chewed gum in class!! :) (not really).

Ed Pilolla said...

i also cheated on my lines as well. the problem with that is you can't cheat too much and take too many lines or it will be obvious.

just hope you weren't a repeat offender at getting trouble on purpose to writes lines:)

Julie Musil said...

You bad girl, you!

I never snuck out of the house either. I was (and still am) a square. The worst thing I did was suggest me and a group of guys steal a parking sign from a bank parking lot. We were pulled over the cops, who yelled a the guys for doing such a thing with a girl in the car. *hangs head in shame*

Lola Sharp said...

Whoa. You were a rebel. ;) Not. So cute, young you.

I will not tell you the things I did, because I definitely was a rebel...but I will admit, I was popular. Even the teachers liked me.

I always adore your sense of humor, Vicki.

Happy Holidays!

Janet Johnson said...

You are hilarious! Rule breaking to have something to do. :)

I was no rule breaker. Not even for the glory of having something to do. In fact, I trembled at the thought of getting in trouble. And I wasn't popular either. I hung out with some of THEM and avoided the nerd label by playing sports. ;)