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Friday, December 31, 2010

Flip Up Friday

Back when I was a kid...and I'm talking back in the 70's, every Friday was Flip Up Friday.  And it was exactly what it sounded like.  If you were foolish enough to wear a dress or skirt on that day, some boy was going to flip it up.  I don't even know that they were that interested in knowing what was underneath at the tender age of 8 and 9.  I think they just liked the alliteration of the threat. So every self-respecting girl wore shorts underneath her skirt/dress and thwarted those wicked boys' best efforts.

We girls weren't all *that* innocent, though.  We chased our share of boys trying to steal kisses.  I don't remember catching any of them.  I do remember one week where we somehow coerced the boys into being our slaves (we called them our 'puppies') during recess.  Made them push us on the swings, fetch things, and deliver messages.  It was great fun until one of them got hurt -- I think we dared him to jump off the swing or something.

The principal came to our classroom and put the kabosh on that. 

Anyway, can you imagine what would happen if those same offenses were committed TODAY?  Those boys would be suspended and possibly charged with sexual harassment.  The girls would probably be accused of bullying and would also get suspended.  Is that progress?

My kids' schools have anti-bullying programs in place.  I think this is a great idea.  Schools should not allow bullying to take place.  The problem is NOBODY defines bullying in the same way.  So the schools enact zero tolerance policies that completely eliminate their ability to use common sense and in some cases just make people hyper-sensitive to questionable behavior they would have ignored before.

I don't have any answers, just lots of questions.  What about you?  Did you do anything as a child that would land you in big trouble now?  Is there a solution? 

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Jules said...

OMG yes, I would have been suspended :) As to answers... I wish. Maybe if we taught our kids a bit more about tolerance and the adults need a refresher in "Common Sense."

Happy New Year!
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Mary Vaughn said...

Forget suspended! I never would have scene the light of day. OMG my whole fifth grade class would have disappeared from sight.
No "Puppy Love" these days -- now it's called sexual harassment.

Happy New Year!