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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

C'mon People -- SERIOUSLY?

I heard about THIS lawsuit on the news recently and I was speechless. (yes, it's been known to happen)

Essentially a mother is suing McDonald's because the toy in the Happy Meal makes it too difficult for her to say no to her children.

Pardon my French, but are you effing kidding me?

I'm a parent, and I understand sometimes we're running from here to there and don't have time to make the nutritious meals we'd like to.  I know kids beg incessantly for things.  Snacks, clothes, phones, whatever.  I know we want our children to be happy and sometimes it's not easy to break their tender little hearts.


I would never dream to blame the retailer for creating a product that my children want to own or consume.  That's their job.

I shudder to think what will happen if this lawsuit is successful.  

I have no problem saying no to my children.  If I don't want them to eat at McDonalds I (gasp) do not GO there in the first place.  I don't file a friggin lawsuit against the company for predatory marketing practices.  

C'MON!  Give me a bleeping break!

My kids know that begging for something will NOT do them any good.  They know it makes me angry and I wind up taking things away from them, not giving in. 

Guess what?  Sometimes my kids get mad.  Sometimes I'm unpopular.  Sometimes they tell me I'm being unfair/unreasonable/grouchy/whatever.

But they get over it.  Eventually.

I am the parent.  I make the decisions.  And yes, sometimes my decisions DO suck.  

In my opinion, this mother needs to grow a spine, not file a lawsuit.

Your thoughts?
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Carolyn V. said...

I agree with you. I think children can handle a little "no". I also think it builds character and teaches children that they don't have to have everything at a moments notice. What a crazy lawsuit!

loveable_homebody said...

I can see a lawsuit against McDonalds for marketing to children for sure. There's so much of that and it's so wrong given that children are so impressionable and are so drawn to such trivial things as colours and sounds.

Jessica Bell said...

OMG, this is ridiculous!!! For crap's sake this woman needs a pole shoved up her butt. I hate MacDonald's, but so what? Where do people get off thinking that they can waiver their responsibilities as parents? I'm totally shocked ...

Caledonia Lass said...

OM effing Gah!!! Pardon me, but I agree one hundred percent that this woman needs not only to grow a spine, but a brain to match. Seriously? She can't say no? Puhleeze! EVERY parent MUST say no to a child once in a while to teach that child that they are not always going to get what they want. Sometimes life just sucks that way. If we all got everything we wanted out of life, we'd still be miserable. Parents need to go back to telling their children no, to disciplining them, to take away the freakin' cell phones at age 9 and turn off the computers and TVs.
Sorry...didn't mean to hop up on my soapbox.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

You are kidding me right. It is a hoax report isn't it, of the kind filed on April 1 every year?

A mother who can't say no? If the kid asks for a three storie mansion with a swimming pool on Malibu Beach, will she get that for her kid? Why then should she give in and give them a Happy Meal?


Mary Vaughn said...

Remember the hot coffee in the woman's lap? There's a warning on your cup now and a chunk out of their profits that year. Or the man who was overweight because he ate there three times a day for years?
It's a matter of time before they settle with her.
I wouldn't want to be a teacher with that kid in my class. Can you imagine what a bad grade would bring?

Kristi said...

TOTALLY with you...this is just ridiculous! What is the world coming to???

Isn't saying "no" one of the parts of parenting? Sure, none of us like it, but it's kind of a necessary evil and comes with the territory!

Jules said...

I think the lady is parenting from one of the $2.99, "Be your child's best friend" parenting books and she will probably get a judge raised from the same book :)

Hey, I saw Mr. Niedermair in the return line at Macy's :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

This is the other Jules (LOL)

Creepy Query Girl said...

Yeah, for me it's kind of like blaming violence in children on watching too much tv and making the television companies censor. It really should be the parents' job to censor what their kids watch AND raise a child with a concience.

Kate said...

I used to work in the Customer Service department of a grocery store. One day a woman came in with her 3 yr old son. He wanted a toy, she said no, and he cried so hard that he THREW UP. Of course, she didn't stick around to clean it up, merely bought her groceries and went home. She returned later and wanted to speak to our Drug Department Manager (toys are their thing). She then proceeded to yell and scream how it broke her heart to see her child so upset, and that our manager should be ashamed to sell toys in a grocery store!
I think the woman she be ashamed that she couldn't say no to her child without having him pitch a fit and throw up. As for the McDonald's mom, she's obviously taking him to McDonalds if her child is seeing the happy meal toys. Of course McDonald's is going to market to kids, teens, young adults, etc. It's how they make money! They have no duty to lazy, sue-happy parents to help them say no to their spoiled offspring.

Anonymous said...

Personal accoutability and responsibility is dead. It's everybody else's fault.

Hmmm, funny how that excuse never works for me, LOL!

Man, I could go for a Big Mac right about now...

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm pretty anti-lawsuit. This is a sue-happy society, which drives me crazy.

My kids are used to me saying no so often that they hesitate, unsure of what I'd actually said when I've uttered a rare yes. ; )

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That is lame! No one wants to take responsibility anymore.
And I am all set for the blogfest!

Emy Shin said...

The sorts of law-suits that people file always astound me, and this is ridiculous. I whole-heartedly believe that the marketing to children needs to be toned down, but the decision to buy or not buy something rests wholly on the parents' shoulders.

Paul C said...

Little wonder that insurance rates keep going up with everyone suing for the most inane/insane reasons.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I tell my daughter all the time that I'm not her friend I'm her mother...I say no when I think no is in her best interest. That is the way it is supposed to be.

aspiring_x said...

jiminey christmas! i hadn't heard of this! CRAZY!!!
totally agree with you! i do the same with my kids. :)

Holly said...

That's as OFF-the-WALL as the robbers that SUE a home owner for an injury they got while ROBBING THEM!!!! ???? WTH is this world coming to???

Wendy Ramer said...

This is an example where thinning out the herd hasn't worked well.