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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Everywhere you look these days, people are posting what they are thankful for.  I'm usually not much of a follower, but I am OVERCOME with gratitude right now.  

I'm a lucky girl.  Not only do a lot of outright GOOD things happen to me, but often times even when things are bad, they are never as bad as they could be.  If my life were a car accident, while other people were totaling their cars, I would be nicking the mailbox.

So, tonight was a big night in our house.  Coders had a concert at school.  Last year, they set a chair beside the risers and his helper sat with him, ready to whisk him away at the first sign of trouble.  

This year, he got to stand on the risers with all the other kids.  Before we left the house, he was full of energy.  Literally bouncing off the walls.  I was concerned about him making it through the concert with all that energy.  Could he stand still for 30 minutes?

He started out strong.  But then he saw me standing at the back of the room, pointed to me and said, "Mommy, come here!"  Later, he was standing beside the risers and hopping up and down trying to get a better look at us.  Yup, I had that kid, the one who clearly has his own agenda whilst all the other kids are busy performing.

Anyhow, he made it through all but the last two songs, so we were really proud of him! But that's not what I'm grateful for.

We came home and he told us a girl in his class (his super special friend) got sick today.  These words strike fear in a parent's heart and put their inner doctor on high alert.  I surreptitiously kissed his forehead to see if he were feverish.  Reminded him if he felt icky he needed to let us know right away.  My husband got a waste basket ready, just in case.

And then, the unthinkable (for which I am sooo grateful) happened. My boy puked.  A LOT.  Almost all of it made it into the garbage can, and while I'm thankful for this, it isn't the thing that inspired me to pre-empt my scheduled post for this one.

The thing I am so over-the-top thankful for is that he got sick at home and not on the risers at school during the concert.  We hadn't been home a half hour when it happened.  Imagine all the video cameras rolling as the kids are singing some sweet song and then my boy upchucks all over Chuck....and Mary, and Joey, and Jenny.  Uhhh, yeah.  


It's all about perspective and appreciating the little things my friends. 

What are you grateful for today???


salarsenッ said...

This was really good. Thankful for the concert--sounds so sweet. Yeah, I'm glad you were home, too, when it all 'came up'. Being in a public place with a child throwing up is no fun for either of you.

I'm grateful for my hubs and four kiddos, a roof over my head, and that I think I'm finally starting to trust my instincts. lol

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss vickie! ick for throwing up but hooray for doing it at home and mostly in that basket. i hope hes not real sick ands feeling better today. for me i got lots of stuff for being thankful. mostly every day im thankful for just being here and having brothers and a sister that love me and take good care of me. and every day when i go visiting blogs im thankful for so much blogger friends and how everyone was ok with me being here.
...hugs from lenny

Talli Roland said...

Whoa... I can see why you're grateful! I can only imagine the chaos that would have ensured!

That is definitely something to be thankful for!

Candyland said...

Now that's perspective :)
Right now, i'm grateful for my fam. Especially the hubs.

aspiring_x said...

hey! most of it in the basket is a HUGE thing to be thankful for as well!!! and the good behaviour at the concert!!

i'm thankful for my boys and my hubs and our pups, kitty, and for friends! :) and coffee. i'm totally thankful for coffee! :)

Jen Daiker said...

Wow... talk about saved by the bell. Definitely all in perspective and you nailed this one. I did a post on Gilderoy Lockhart and how that son of a gun can take an awful situation and make light out of it (even if he still is a jackazz) it'd be nice if we all did that once in awhile!

Creepy Query Girl said...

wow, if that isn't timing I dunno what is! I'd be thankful too! I hope he feels better soon! (my three year old just had the stomach bug. Didn't make it into a trashcan...:)

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

That is truly a blessing! I'm so happy he got to be on the risers and that he didn't get sick until he got home! I love how positive you are. It's definitely inspiring. I hope he's feeling better soon! Big hugs to mama bear!

Angela Felsted said...

Way to look at the bright side!

Disgruntled Bear said...

I love your glass-half-full view of life! Thanks for sharing!

I'm grateful that all five of us are on the far side of the upper-respiratory bug we had this past weekend, and that I haven't missed my galleys proofing deadline for Legacy (at least not yet. Oh, no! I may've just jinxed it!)

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Aww, I'm glad he got to be on the risers. :)

Hurray for him waiting to be sick until you were at home. Public puking is not fun. :(

L'Aussie said...

Well if the little tyke had up-chucked on the 'risers' (I take it they're steps) it would have been great entertainment for everyone else!

Janet Johnson said...

I'd be grateful for that, too! In fact, I think I have a post about that somewhere . . . only it was the airline, then a long drive, and puking about 30 minutes after we got home. THANK HEAVENS! :)

Shannon said...

A lot of people would be reacting to the illness - that he got sick. I LOVE your perspective.

At this moment, I am thankful for a handful of things:

1. Your friendship
2. Michael. Always Michael.
3. I'm done with work for the day.
4. I'm closer to the weekend.

Jolene Perry said...

I an suddenly thankful that I didn't even have to catch puke in a bucket!