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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cody speak

More words of wisdom from my little ones:

While we were out trick-or-treating, my son kept asking each and every homeowner a question.  It started simple:

do you have any puppies?
do you have any kitties?
do you have any puppies or kitties?
do you have any puppies, kitties, or other pets?

Then it was:
do you have consoles?
We got so many blank stares, I explained to him that a lot of people wouldn't know what a console was.  So at the next door:

"Do you have any consoles?  A console is a box you play games on."


"No no, she's not my friend.  I'm an enemy of girls...except for mom."


"No! Don't cut that one!  It's my magic toenail."


He was talking about his brother (who does not exist--he's the only boy). I asked what his brother's names was.  He said:


I had to ask what it stood for.

"Dashell Robert Parr, Alien Adult."


One day he had to tell me he had used my computer while I was out. My computer is strictly off-limits.  He was wringing his hands as he approached.  I said, "Awww, look at him. He looks so nervous and scared."
He says, "I'm NARED, part nervous, part scared."


Miss K gave me a makeover one night. 
"Mom, what is that?" (pointing to my face)
"Your sister made me beautiful."
"Before she made you beautiful you were old and odd."

(NOTE: I may have hidden the camera before the makeover to ensure there was no evidence)

Overheard any good quotes lately?


Jolene Perry said...

Mike is recounting some story from work while in the passenger's seat.
Jack, "dad, Dad, DAD, DAAD!"
"WHAT?" Mike says from the front seat.
"Do you know what I saw last night in my room?" Jack says quietly.
I see Mike smile out of the corner of my eye. "What did you see last night in your room?"
"Noffing..." Jack says quietly. "My eyes were cwozed because it was too sooky." Long pause while Mike and I stifle laughs from the front seat. "And dark..."

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not dating myself, but when I was a kid we had a console. It was this behemoth of a box with a TV and stereo record player and two large speakers. took up most of a wall it did. That was our console back in the day. Used to have to tape a quarter on top of the needle so the record wouldn't skip.

Candyland said...

HAHAHA! They sound like little cuties! Yesterday Lilli made me disappear and told me not to come back!

aspiring_x said...

nared!! ha! at least he wasn't nair-ed!
my boys say odd things too... like just now the middle one told the little one if he didn't stop whatever he was doing he'd kick him in the face. to which the little one replied "kick me in the face! hooray!!!!" baby masochist.

Jen Daiker said...

Bahaha... wow. Kids say a lot of things... some funny, some not so funny in the moment!

Bish Denham said...

Absolutely precious! Adult Alien...nared...magic toenail. Wonderful fodder.

Creepy Query Girl said...

LOl- those are precious. My kids say some pretty weird stuff sometimes too. most of the time it's when they're trying to one up eachother with their 'knowledge' of how the world works...

Angela Felsted said...

Your son is hilarious.

Meredith said...

These are so adorable!!! You should definitely put them into a manuscript somehow--too cute! And nared is my new favorite word.

Carolyn V. said...

LOL!!! How cute!

Wish I could think of something awesome, but yours are just too cool. =)

Dawn said...

See! This is why I want kids :-D (She says after dreaming about strangling her stepdaughter in her sleep...jk....mostly...)

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Oh my! Those are precious! Kids are the best medicine (laughter) there is. :)

LTM said...

BAH!!! LOVE it. Puppies and kittens (and consoles) are very important. As is the whole makeover thing~

After H'ween, my youngest called whoppers "who"-pers. I nearly snorted my coffee... :D <3

roxy said...

"I'm an enemy of girls . . ." SO funny. He is too cute, but boy, will he change his mind about girls in a few years.

Janet Johnson said...

how fun is that! I love the "enemy of girls" line. :) Kids are great.

Jackee said...

"I'm an enemy of girls"

Ha, ha! He sounds like such a fun kid. I have a couple that say funny things, but you shame me because I need to remember to write them down more often. :o)

Thanks for sharing, Vicki!

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss vicki! that was so much fun to read. i dont need to say any quotes cause you got the best ones right her. i gotta tell you im with him on the enemy of girls for sure. ha ha. mostly i like that magic toenail. sounds like a really neat title for a book. :)
...hugs from lenny

Bethany Mason said...

Such a cute post - am blog hopping from Tamara Hart Heiner's blog party, so hello!