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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reporting In - Ghost Walk

One of my sister's friends had arranged a group to meet for dinner and then go on a 90 minute ghost walk.  We met for dinner at 111 Main.  I was surprised when we arrived to see a dozen women already at the table.  Dinner was fantastic, and if you find yourself in Galena, Illinois I highly recommend it. The restaurant is supposedly haunted, but nothing happened.  

After dinner we walked down to a hotel for the Ghost Walk.  I come from a family with lots of strange and unexplained experiences. We therefore have a natural love of ghost stories, and were looking forward to hearing a few local stories while roaming the historic streets in the dark.

What a crock.

We stayed with the guy for the first hour, then left.  In that hour he shared some interesting historical tidbits, but only two ghost stories, and they were LAME.  I don't even think lame covers it.  The first from 1845 about a shadowy figure on the wall of a house.  Turns out it was just a crack in a woodburning stove that made an eerie shadow.  The other was a reported sighting of a "ghostly figure" out by some bridge north of town - again in the late 1800's.  No backstory or possible explanations. No duel, hanging, murder, or unrequited love.  Just a ghostly figure.  Ooooooo, frightening.  Not.

We weren't the only ones who were unimpressed.  There were about 100 of us on the tour and they were all grumbling.  My sister and I should have commandeered the tour and told OUR stories.  That would have been much more interesting. 

Dinner was great and worth the trip.  I feel like I was swindled out of the $10 admission to the ghost walk though. Grrr.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Real ghost stories are necessary on a ghost tour!

Jen Daiker said...

Hmmm, well it looks like next year I'll be home early to see my family so that I can also enjoy a nice dinner and hopefully when I go, ghosts actually visit, hehe.

Hannah Kincade said...

Aw, boo!! How disappointing. That's what I'm afraid will happen if I pay for something like that.

KarenG said...

It sounds like they were trying to make their ghost stories suitable for 1st graders. But at least dinner was good.