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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghost Story #7 - Dreams

I have always had very vivid dreams.  I usually remember them, though sometimes it comes back to me in a rush during an odd moment of my day.  Over the years I've classified my dreams into three general categories.  There are the regular, run-of-the-mill dreams.  Where I can fly or I'm stuck in high school and can't remember my locker combination.  Then there are my 'movie' dreams where I have very long, complex dreams that would make great movies/books.  And then there are the *other* dreams that I know mean something, though I'm not always sure what.

Most of these *other* are kinda prophetic - but not in any important way.  I will wake up and remember a series of completely random elements like banana, proposal, and airplanes.  Several weeks later, I'll be sitting at my desk at work looking up flight times for a trip and my boss will stop by eating a banana and asking me for a status on a proposal.  I'll be hit by an eerie sense of deja vu (and a bit of a relief for figuring out how those odd combination of items fit together).

Sometimes, though, these other dreams are really strange.

Not long after my dad passed away, I dreamt about him.  He was trying to tell me something.  When I woke up, I remembered dreaming about him but didn't remember the message.  The next night, I had the dream again. I still didn't remember the message when I woke up, but I had this urge to call mom and let her know.  There was a two hour time difference between us and she tended to sleep in, so by the time I knew she was up, I was busy doing other things.

Then I had the same dream a third night in a row.  Mom was sitting in her chair in her living room and Dad was standing behind her chair, but she couldn't see him.  He told me to let her know he was with her and he liked the music.  When I woke up the urge to call Mom was overpowering, so I didn't wait, I picked up the phone and called her.  I told her about the dream and she started to cry.  She'd been feeling low because she had hoped she'd receive some sign from him but she hadn't.

Oh, and the music he liked?  She'd bought the CD soundtrack to Titanic and had been listening to the theme song.  (On a side note, the Titanic sunk on April 15th...which was their wedding anniversary.)

Mom did eventually 'hear' from my dad.  She had this stuffed cow that would moo and then shake/laugh like crazy (it had 'mad cow disease').  Dad had always thought it was funny.  A few months after my dream, this stupid cow would start to moo out of the blue.  It got so bad, she took the batteries out of it--but it would still moo!

Couple more weird dreams tomorrow!


Nicole MacDonald said...

Awww... that's so sweet that your dad popped in :) I have oddly vivid dreams and 'movie' dreams too! I hope to god I never hear the soundtrack from one of the 'movie' dreams i had - was terrifying and I have this weird idea I'll promptly go mad *hee*

Best vivid dream I've had lately was teaching an elephant to play pick-up-sticks in my family's batch ;p which if you've watched the vid I posted you'll see is rather unlikely *grin* Still he was pretty good for someone only using their trunk..

salarsenッ said... about a connection. I really believe in stuff like that. You must have felt special, knowing your dad came to you. And then your mom and the whole Titanic connection...

Thanks for sharing this story. I find a lot of hope in it.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Thanks for sharing, Vicki! I hope that our loved ones pop in and check on us...

aspiring_x said...

i used to have those kind of dreams a lot when i was a kid. where you dream a little scene and then it happens weeks later... i think it's pretty common for kids to do that... but adults- i don't know if i've heard of any adults still doing that...

Shannon said...

I'm diggin' these posts. I got goose bumps!
Good to hear that your mom got a message (and cow bell...or just cow?) from you dad. =)

Mary said...

I look forward to these posts. Our messenger was a Big Bird whose batteries we removed for the same reason. He wouldn't be quiet either.

Creepy Query Girl said...

woah, that is SO neat! I've had dreams from my dead grandmother and even my dead dog! lol. and, like you, a few 'deja vu' dreams. I love these kinds of stories too!

LTM said...

whoa. Crazy. I had a dream once that my maternal grandmother was sitting on my bed talking to me--after she'd died. She never did that, and I don't remember what she said... but now I wish I did! :D

supercool~ :o)

I'm emulating your theme tomorrow~

Angela Ackerman said...

I find stuff like this so interesting. I know when I was in my teens and twenties, I would have deja-vu all the time. Now in my 30's, not as much. It still happens occasionally tho.

My Grandma had a coo coo clock that would chirp every year on her anniversary. It was unplugged, and we all knew it was Grandpa, letting her know he was still with her.

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That is a wild dream! Funny, I just read another post on vivid dreams. Must be in the air.

Julie Musil said...

This gave me the chills! Wow.

I can never remember my dreams. Even though I have paper right next to the bed, the dream escapes before I can jot it down. I'm amazed by how vivid yours are, and that you remember them long after.

Jen Daiker said...

You're even more interseting than you were before these wicked vivid dreams!

I too have crazy vivid dreams. I met my husband and one night had a super crazy dream about him and his best friend being involved with a murder (his friend was actually killed) I stuck with that story for 2 years thinking it was real until I asked my husband (AFTER MARRYING HIM) if it really happened.

Turned out it was a dream. I should have been a writer sooner.

notesfromnadir said...

That's so nice that your parents were able to get in touch!

As for the dreams where you dream of disconnected things that become connected later on, that's a great way to get stories. Also, make sure that you have a notepad and pen by your bed so when you wake up you write down your dreams pronto. If you don't write them as soon as you wake up, you might forget them.

Keep on dreamin'! :)