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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mock Me Monday - Continued

Okay, where did we leave off yesterday?  

Ahhh, yes.  Joe had just returned after an hour's absence. 

Carrying wine glasses.

He claimed he met a woman in the casino who was just dying to show him her hotel room.

Does stuff like that actually happen?  If not, I don't know where he got the  glasses.  But it would explain why Jeff couldn't find him and why he never responded to the page.

Joe knew where he'd thrown the keys, so we were again on our way.  Michelle and I asked (ahem, demanded) to be taken home.  The night was officially ruined - heck, it was ruined before it started.

Never fear, though.  I wasn't about to let these losers know where I lived!  The one advantage of living in an apartment! But we were going to have them drop us off nearby and after they left we'd run the last block home. 

We started out, but halfway there, Joe had to go.  Yeah, he had to answer Nature's Page.  I was kinda irked at his unexpected stops...the apartment, the Vegas World parking lot, now a park so he could pee.

While he's out watering the bushes, Jeff leans over and asks if I would join him in the bushes.

YES, he was serious.  

NO, he was not drunk.

Oh, and NO, he wasn't referring to the same set of bushes Joe was dousing.  I shouldn't have to say that, but the way this night was going, it COULD have been worse.

Have I mentioned it was raining?  

Have I mentioned I have no time for friggin morons?

I did not accept his proposition.

Hell had not frozen over, last time I checked.

So there we were, waiting in the warm, dry car, when another car pulled up behind us.

A police car pulled up behind us.  I thought Joe was gonna get an indecent exposure charge. But no, that was the one break we got that night.  

Let me interject here that I was the quintessential GOOD GIRL at this point in my life.  I told my parents when I was cutting school (yeah, I did).  I had NEVER EVER EVER been this close to a police car/policeman.  I thought God was punishing me for lying to my parents. 

The cop nicely told us the park was closed.  We assured him we were on our way.  

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward "home".

The cop pulled out behind us.  We thought he was just making sure we were really leaving.  But soon the lights went on. Siren too.


For cryin out loud, what now?  Had he smelled beer on the guys' breath?

Joe pulled over.  The cop asked for his license and registration and took them back to his squad car.

Turns out there was a warrant out for Joe's arrest in UTAH.  A fugitive, greeeeeeeaaaat!  (Let the record show that 'my' guy was the NON-fugitive...though that may be simply because the cop didn't run his license.)

Oh, and the car had stolen plates on it.

Yeah, Michelle and I picked us up some REAL winners, didn't we?

The cop arrested Joe and let Jeff drive Michelle and I home.  The officer followed us all the way there to make sure we made it safe. 

The moral of the story?  Circus men are FREAKS!!! Do NOT date them unless you like the pain and suffering that comes with it!


Nicole MacDonald said...

... okay so avoiding the circus guys

aspiring_x said...

aw, come on. real circus freaks are awesome people! it's the idiots who hang out at that casino who are mesed-up.

Dawn said...

I dated a carnie once. Well, for the 10 days the Stampede was in town. And dating is kind of stretching things - I hung out around the Gravitron. he flirted. I flirted. We kissed twice. And he gave me and my friends free rides. I was young - that's my excuse. Now when my stepdaughter goes to the carnival I scream after her: Stay away from the Carnies! Karma?

Love your story. Thanks for sharing :-) Hope your other goal is going well...

Lenny said...

wow miss vicki you sure got in a BIG mess that night. i bet you were feeling pretty scared. im glad it wasnt you that got arrested and ended up in jail. my sisters just got dating and i hope she doesnt get one of thoes carnie guys but if she does my brothers would put him up in the shooting booth for a target. ha ha.
...hugs from lenny

Candyland said...

Hahaha. You crack me up!!!
PS you won something on my blog today:)

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

OMG! Now I shall forever avoid men at the Circus.

Anonymous said...

My biggest fear is to be trapped on a stuck elevator with a mime and a contortionist. Or drunken circus midgets.
Stephen Tremp

Creepy Query Girl said...

woah. That is too funny! Yes, some real winners there. Did they work with the circus or were they just there for fun like you guys?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. That was so, so funny. Freakishly so. Definitely avoiding!