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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mock Me Monday - Circus Men

As you know, I lived in Vegas for a time.  I did my junior and senior years of high school out there.  One happy Friday night, my girlfriend and I went down to Circus Circus one night.  It's a bit of a dump now, but back in 1989 it was a cool place to hang out.  My friend, Michelle, wanted to watch the circus act they put on every hour.  I'd seen them all a hundred times, but she really liked them, so off we went.  We stood by a small wall that surrounded the enclosed audience area. 
At some point, two guys joined us.  I know one was named Jeff (my brother's name and my hub's name).  I don't remember what they said, but it must have been funny because we stayed and talked for a little while.

As usually happens, we met these guys RIGHT before we had to leave.  So we arranged to meet them the following night. 
It wasn't a date, but we had PLANS! Neither of us drove at that point (I didn't get my license until much later, but that's another story), so we told my folks her dad was taking us down and told her dad that my folks were taking us.  (One of the oldest tricks in the book).  Then we snuck off to the grocery store about 8 blocks away and waited for the guys to pick us up.

That was the last thing that went according to plan that night.

I had made Michelle swear she wouldn't leave me alone with Jeff.  She promised she would guard me with her life....but I'm getting ahead of myself.

First, the guys were late.  This was before cell phones, so we were about to head home and really beg a ride off one of our parents when they showed up.

Jeff sat next to me in the back and whispered something about how he was going to get me flowers, but he didn't have any money.  I assured him I didn't need flowers.

The original plan was to go back to Circus, but *of course* they had to stop off at their apartment for something.  (possibly THE oldest trick in the book).  I exchanged a look with Michelle that said, "DON'T leave me alone"  She nodded.

We weren't in the apartment 2 minutes when Jeff gives Joe (or whatever his name was) $20 to go get beer.


He was supposed to be broke, remember?

Now, I'm not upset that he could have got me flowers and didn't, I'm upset because he's a friggin moron to get caught in a lie so easily and I don't have time for friggin morons.

Joe goes off to get the beer...and yes, you guessed it, Michelle went with him.  She didn't even PROTEST.  I guess she must have been thirsty or something.  Or maybe she wanted to be alone with Joe, I dunno.  She never really explained herself on that score.

So even though there was a 7-11 was less than a block away, it took them like a half hour to get back.  I'd love to know what the hell took so long.  

Or perhaps not.
I did manage to fend Jeff off while they were gone.  But barely.

They got back and we decided we'd go to Circus Circus after all.

For some unknown reason (I didn't forget, they stopped for no apparent reason), they pulled into Vegas World / Stupak's Tower parking lot.  I don't think  Stupak's Tower was open then.  (the one with the roller coasters on top)
Jeff and Joe got in an argument over something stupid.  Joe (who had been driving) stormed off.  

And threw the car keys as he walked.

Oh yes, he did.

We waited about 10 minutes for him to come back.

La la la la la la la la la la la.

Jeff went into Vegas World to page him.

We waited.

It was dark, but we looked for the keys.

No go.

Michelle and I were about to panic.   We were stranded on the not so nice end of the Strip...we were gonna have to call one of our parental units for a rescue...and they would NOT be happy to find us here.  

Just as we were about to swallow our pride and call our parents, Joe returned.
Where was he?
What had he been doing?
Will we ever get home?
Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of the Worst Night Ever!  

-a proposition
-a police car
-an arrest 


Saumya said...

Nooooo you're killing me. And I love "this was before cell phones". HAHA.

Lenny said...

hi miss vicki! yikes! i hope it wasnt you that got in jail. not fair to not tell us the rest of what happened. ha ha. for sure im gonna be here tomorrow cause i cant wait to hear how it ended up.
...hugs from lenny

Creepy Query Girl said...

lol! What a great story! I'll be sure to tune in tomorrow for the rest!

aspiring_x said...

egads! those boys were bad news! what was young vicki thinking!?!?

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Noooo you can't end it on that cliffhanger! lol.

Dawn said...

Love it! Looking forward to part 2!

Shannon said...

Great story so far! I can't wait to read the conclusion tomorrow!!

Jolene said...

Yep, that sounds like Vegas...

Tahereh said...



Ed Pilolla said...

i love vegas. got to get back there soon.

Theresa Milstein said...

Your story isn't changing the reputation of, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Geez! Are you still friends with this girl who left you?

Can't wait for the next part of the story.

Little Ms J said...

Ah, Vegas nights. I'm so glad none of my stories end with me in a parking lot near the Stratosphere, but I bet I could give you a run for your flowers.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Have you ever read any "choose your own adventure" books? They are mg level...I could so see this as part of a ya version....