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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just Dreamin'

I have mentioned before that I am prone to some mighty strange dreams.  Last night was the first night I'd gotten eight hours of sleep in a loooooong time and I was rewarded with a night full of odd dreams.  And because it's the weekend, I thought I would share them with you cuz I ain't got nuttin else today.

So, first off I'm making dinner.  What's so weird about that, you ask? I'm making cream of chicken soup in a sieve on my bedroom floor.  (Seems hardly relevant to point out here that this was not my real bedroom).  Somehow the soup stayed IN the sieve despite the holes being about a quarter inch big.  MAGIC soup pan.  Awesome.

So, I'm talking to hubs about saving money by staying in a couple weekends and using that money for a new flat screen tv.  We go to measure the bedroom wall and I knock over my pan of soup. Only now its looking more like chili, and all the ingredients are in big individual piles ... except the beans they're all over my bedroom floor.  I clean them up and transfer everything to a bigger pan (no holes this time) but I'm still cooking it on my floor.

So then I'm suddenly in the living room jumping from one foot to another...big sideways leaps.  My parents are there, which doesn't strike me as strange despite the fact I lost my dad 15 years ago and mom 3.  Mom asks what I'm doing (she's reading a book, like always).  I said, "I feel like I'm flying."  And I WAS staying airborne several seconds too long.  FUN.

Then I'm drifting out the door and down the sidewalk. Seriously, it's like I'm sitting with legs outstretched in an invisible wagon being pulled through this city.  I'm semi-aware I'm dreaming at this point because I'm marveling at the details my mind created.  All the buildings.  The traffic. A family across the street was having a barbecue family reunion.  A lot of them were dressed in red. 

I drifted between two men. I knew one was a pimp (wearing really out-of style camel colored leather suit and missing two of his teeth).  The other guy was a drug dealer.  I also knew he was a retired police officer (probably fired for dealing drugs).  Gray hair, had put on a few pounds since he quit the force.  Glasses, jeans and a gray t-shirt.  I stood up, deciding I should get away from these guys. I'd drifted off the sidewalk into the street.  Sidewalk was three feet thick here.

I can fly in my dreams and I had JUST gone airborne, was about 5 feet off the ground when one of the guys grabbed my ankle.  Dagnabit.  It was the drug dealer.

I tried to kick but he had too firm a grip.  He pulls me in so he's holding my legs at the knees, I'm still floating down the sidewalk while he's walking and talking to me about not liking strangers in his neighborhood.  And then he says, "Like that damn cat.  That's the last thing I need right now is a cat outside my window. I'm a writer, and I don't need some stupid cat wailing at my window at five a.m. after only being in bed an hour."

It struck me as so funny, it woke me up.  For the record, I was totally going to flirt with him so he'd get distracted and I could kick him and fly out of reach. hahaha


I also dreamed we were in this big cafeteria. were there.  If you have a picture for an icon anyhow.  Lots of little square icons floating around the cafeteria. And I was acting like it was completely normal to have icons moving around like people.  They were serving some kind of chicken gravy on biscuits with (get this) edible foam paint brushes to sop up the juicy gravy!  What an idea!  Mine tasted like crap though, so they need to work on the recipe. hahaha

Hope you enjoyed the field trip into the dark recesses of my mind.  Come back tomorrow for another Mock Me Monday surprise!


Talli Roland said...

That's quite the night! I always have crazy dreams, too - I'm a light sleeper and very prone to weird dreams!

Jaydee Morgan said...

If I dreamt I was cooking anything, it would be a nightmare!

Seriously though, it sounds like you have some pretty fun dreams. I've never flown in any of mine but it does sound cool :)

aspiring_x said...

LOL!!! Your mind is a wondrous place...

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I think you probably need a nap to rest up after that dream...

Hannah Kincade said...

I love writing my dreams down because they are very strange indeed. I get so many little ideas from them and sometimes it just shows that I watch too much Star Trek: TNG before bed.

Lenny said...

wow miss vicki thats a lot of dreaming all in one night. yikes! how could you remember all of that. someone said dreams mean stuff but i dont know how you could know what they mean but yours could mean lots. i hope you get some good sleep with no more strange dreams.
...smiles from lenny