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Friday, August 27, 2010

Crackpot Confession - My Answers!

Thanks to all of you for allowing me to be a slug yesterday...well, and today as it turns out.  First, I'll answer my own questions, then I'll answer all YOURS. And for once the Crackpot Confessional has REAL answers about ME.  How about that?  I'm livin on the edge, people...
  • How are you?  I'm dandy as candy.  Really.  Life is good and I could go into a dozen reasons why it's great, but then we won't have time for the rest of these.
  • Are you satisfied with where your WIP is at? Well, yes and no.  My work on Tempted has stalled so I'm NOT happy about that.  But I've been fiddling with Porcelain Gods in the meantime (you go where the words are, right?) and I AM happy with that so there ya go.

  • Have you stumbled across any fabulous blogs or websites?  Not really.  Though I intend to just hit "next" from my blog one of these days and visit completely random blogs to see what turns up.

  • Are you drinking enough water?  Nope.  I did really good early in the week, but the last few days, not so much.

  • What order do you put on your shoes and socks?  Socks then shoes. (right then left if it matters)  I am barefoot around the house most of the time.  In winter I have to wear socks or slippers because my feet are FREEZING from November through April.

  • Do you wear glasses, contacts?  I have glasses, and I SHOULD wear them, but I rarely do.  I need new ones and will probably have a glasses restriction the next time I renew my license, but for now I generally don't bother with them.

  • How many pets do you have?   None.  

  • How old were you when you learned to blow a bubble with gum? Ummm, I think 7 or 8.  And I was SO excited the first time I made a puny little bubble. 

  • What color are the walls of the room you are in right now?  My living room is kinda brown (I forget the paint name) and "pizza sauce".  Here...lemme see if I can find a picture... Actually, you can see the brown in the background on my profile pic.  Here's the pizza sauce as I was painting it...

You guys asked ME some great ones.  Let's jump right in!

Jolene asked:  Did you ever solve that pesky panty problem??
Yes, as a matter of fact, I did.  I didn't toss the old ones...I save them for *that* time of the month.  And if you must now, I have some lovely pastel bikinis now.

Francine said: I see you haven't any awards! If you fancy one come over to my blog and browse and take one you feel fits your mood!
I actually have a ton of awards.  I used to have them posted in my sidebar, but I had a problem with a link to a corrupted site awhile back so I got rid of them all so Google Chrome would stop blocking some of my followers.  I hope to put up a separate page one of these days...but your guess is as good as mine when that might be.  Thanks for the offer though!!!  That was super sweet of you.

Bethany Yeager wanted to know: How are YOU? What genre do you like to write in most? Do you have any 'guilty pleasure' genres? (Mine is vampires. mwahahaha!)
I'm fabulous, thanks for asking!  I only just started writing *seriously* this year.  I was doing a piece of women's fiction (see above) but am now working on something I *think* will be YA.  It will definitely be lighter and funnier than my other WIP.  Guilty pleasures?  Probably romance.  I save them for when I'm stressed and just need a no-brainer kind of read.  The plots are pretty predictable, but that's part of the joy because I don't have to THINK.

aspiring_x wondered: how are you doing with all the back to school hoopla?
My kids have been in for over a week now and the transition has been surprisingly smooth.  The oldest and I even survived the back-to-school shopping expedition without any fights over how much we should spend!

Slushpile Slut inquired: How do u plan to trump crafting a lifesize Opaki? 
I think this is the year we have to build an indian longhouse.  I'd put a link in but I'm getting linked out here, LOL.  I think I'm going to cheat this time around and use a cardboard base and glue twigs on it. Last time I soaked itty bitty dowels in water so they would bend and over the frame.  WAY too much work, even if it did look cool at the end.

Tamara Narayan asked: Where are you in your writing career? Do you have any writing credits?  
Sigh.  I'm still a rookie.  Like everyone else, I've been writing forever, but only decided to get serious in January.  I have a bad habit of destroying things I don't like so I have anything of my early works.  

Creepy Query Girl posted: What's the most degrading job you ever had? (or a job that made you feel degraded? 
I worked at McDonalds for awhile, but that wasn't bad.  One of my supervisors liked me, so I took advantage of that and managed to avoid cleaning toilets or mopping up barf.  I think the one job I cringe over was a receptionist for a Career Counseling Center.  Really, it was one guy who recruited for a travel/broadcasting school across the courtyard from our office (sooo convenient, huh?).  Oh, did I mention he got a kick back for everyone who signed up at the school?  He was in his late fifties wore open shirts and a lot of gold.  He went out of business, (but not before I met my husband who was a student at the school)  I then "transferred" over to the school where one guy kept trying to turn me into a telemarketer. GRRRR.  I quit and went to work in a law office....oh, and I kept hubby.

Carole Ann Carr wanted to know: More about you, please....
If I don't cover enough with all these other answers don't satisfy your thirst for knowledge, say the word.

Lenny asked: whats you favorite color and whats your favorite tv show
I LOVE pink.  All shades.  I don't watch much tv (the kids or hubby hog it).  When I DO have it, I usually have it on HGTV so I can get cool ideas on things to do to my house.

Jen outdid herself: 
Do you have bad taste in boys? NOPE.  My hubby is awesome.  He cooks, he cleans, he works his butt off (and never complains about it).  I never cared much for bad boys.  When I met hubs he had just gotten out of the Marines and was living at home.  I was most impressed by two things. (a) he had a bookshelf in his room and (b) he made sure to call his mom whenever he was NOT going to make it home for dinner because he was hanging out with me.

Are you a gossiper? *hangs head in shame*  Yeah, sometimes I am.  My natural curiosity gets the better of me.

Do you think pirates have a bad wrap? I've never met one, but I'd like to think they're just misunderstood.  Victims of the rumor mill.

What would you do if you were princess for a day? Have a day of indulgence.  Shopping, facials, mani/pedi, massage, wining, dining...ahhhhh.  When do I get my tiara?

What would you do if a legend in your small town was that a witch stole children at night? How would you handle that? What is she doing with these children?  Is she taking them in and raising them as her own? (Hey! I had to ask!).  I think first thing I would do is keep my kids far, far away.  Then, if she were really and truly wicked I'd have to find a way to get rid of her. Maybe I should fix her up with one of the misunderstood pirates and he could take her out on his ship for a cruise around the world?  Or maybe I'd lend her my tiara which would give her self esteem such a boost she'd stop kidnapping and eating children.

Theresa Milstein asked: If you could take a vacation anywhere right now, where would you go?
I love the water.  So a beach or a lake would be awesome.  Of course, I have always wanted to go tour the English countryside...see where my favorite books were written and just soak up the natural beauty.  So maybe I could get my water fix while there?  I bet their water is cold, though...

Lydia Kang wanted to know: what are you reading right now?  I've just got a bunch of books in the mail (hey, there's a post waiting to happen).  I am reading All the Numbers which I won from Sharon awhile back.  I'm anxiously awaiting Paranormalcy, though.

Sharon K Mayhew posted: Do you have any silly bands?
Those little plastic bracelets?  Nope, so far this house has steered clear of that craze.  

Carolina Valdez Miller asked: what's your favorite flavor of pickle?
Ummm...the ONLY pickles I eat are in what kind does Subway have? LOL

Kristi wants to know: Do you eat pickled anything? Cucumbers? Okra? Beets?
Um, no.  I'm lucky to eat traditional pickles when hidden in the burger or sub...I can't bring myself to eat anything pickled.  Especially grossed out by those huge jars of pickled eggs you see in some bars.  Seriously, if I were to even SEE someone eating one after I've been drinking, I'd be heaving. You're a braver soul than I was.

Anyone want to take a stab at some of the questions left for me yesterday?  C''s FRIDAY!


Jen said...

This was SO MUCH FUN!!! I'm glad that I asked some great questions, and you my friend out did yourself on the answers! I am impressed, not that I should be, you always have the best answers and posts!!!

Great questions from everyone else as well! Best way to start off my Friday! Job Well Done!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Yay! You're going to write YA. :D I can't wait for my copy of Paranormalcy either.

Hear you about the blog awards. I gave up posting them on a separate page.

I had a glass of water after running yesterday. That's probably my first one in weeks! Oops!

LOL about the pirates. I'm stuck on a new scene I'm writing for my wip (the one I thought I would be querying soon). So I tried the QT blogs advice about dreams and writing. Only I woke up dreaming about the pirates from The Pirate of the Carribean . . . and my book has nothing to do with pirates. Not even close (though one character does dress up as one for a Renaissance festival). ;)

Renae said...

This was a great post! What an awesome idea and it gave us such insight Vicki, Well done!

Bish Denham said...

That's a lot of questions! (Hate to burst the bubble but pirates have always been bad...and they are still bad. I wish they were all Johnny Depp, but unfortunately they are not.)

aspiring_x said...

dah!!! pink!!! oh no!!!
i'm not a pink girl- AT ALL!
and my work uniform is a PINK top and WHITE pants! (not to mention the apron, hairnet, and gloves) sometimes i wonder what i did to invoke the wrath of the powers that be at my workplace... :(
my favorite color is dark grey blue- like the sky right before a torrential thunderstorm! :)

Amie B said...

i don't think i have that many questions about MY life! lol - grea post!

Talei said...

Oh this is great! I'm sorry I missed this great post but I can now read all the Q&A and its very entertaining! Have a fab weekend Vicki! Tx;)

Mary said...

This was great fun! Bet you never thought you'd be revealing all this info about yourself?
Sorry I missed yesterday's post and a chance to question.

Clara said...

What an awesome idea (and great replies!)! I dont drink much water too, I know, shame, shaaame!
Great post!

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Lol. Great post, Vicki. Sorry Mockingjay stole me away. :(

Elana Johnson said...

Wow. Surviving the back to school shopping is amazing. I just keep going back to get this binder or those dividers and I want to die. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Shoes and then socks would be really odd...

Talli Roland said...

Love these questions and answers! Glad you sorted out your panty problem. :)

Julie Musil said...

Ha! Loved those questions and answers!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Great post! If you ever get the chance to eat a pickled onion and cheese sandwich in England it's worth the risk....YUM!