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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to School

It's that time again!  My kids go back to school in TEN days.  I used to love back to school shopping but now that I'm the shopper and not the love has waned a bit.

I love the aisles filled with paper, folders, crayons, markers at the lowest prices of the year.  There is something about brand-new spiral bound notebooks that just gets to me.  (I prefer wideline - so I can get sloppy).  The problem is the kids' expectations do not always coincide with my budget.  

Am I the only one?  Yes, I'd love to get you that adorable folder with the puppies/kitties/freakish cool design.  Do the math dear.  You need ten of those suckers, and your brother/sister need another twenty.  Does Mom want to pay $2 a folder times thirty or does mom want to pay 25 cents?  $60 vs. $7.50.  

Then, of course, they HAVE to have a new backpack even though last year's works just fine.  I come out looking like Cheapest Mom in America and still spend a fortune.


Rant over.  REALLY all I wanted to ask today was what your favorite back-to-school supply is?  I'm a notebook girl, but I also love crayons for some reason. 


Sandy Shin said...

Oh, I can definitely sympathize, both as the shopper and the recipient. I love cool folders, but really, when the plain ones are so much cheaper -- there's no contest.

Hmm: my favorite back-to-school supply is a toss-up between good pens and notebooks. :)

Al said...

Now we fund University textbooks for ours :-(

Mason Canyon said...

School started last week and this week here (two different systems). I can't image having to buy so many items for a student. Seems like every year they have to have more and more items. The local school supply stores even post list now so the parents will know what all they have to buy.

I must have been a pen and notebook kind of student because I still love them.

Thoughts in Progress

Meghan Schuessler said...

What state are you from again? It's weird to me to see so many blogs about children going back to school already. In NY most schools don't start until right after labor day (or occasionally the week befroe but no earlier than that). Some colleges here start in the middle of August but most don't start till the very end of Aug or first week of Sept!

Dawn said...

I'm a sucker for a stationary store. When I take my stepdaughter school shopping half the cart is for her...the other half is for me :-)

Stephanie Thornton said...

I definitely love my colored thin-tip Sharpies! They're perfect for grading papers. Of course, my three-year-old wanted me to get pink sparkly gel pens. It's just not quite the same.

Bish Denham said...

Oh when I was in high school I absolutely loved those blue cloth-bound three ring binders filled with college rule paper. I still keep a few around and one of them I'm sure is from the '70s.

Lenny said...

hi miss vicki! for me i love lots of colors of pens and paper. yellow paper is the one i like best. notebooks are cool to but they gotta have a neat picture on them like spiderman or batman.
...hugs from lenny

aspiring_x said...

oh man! i KNOW! my boys took half an hour choosing between backpacks, and then when we got to the pencil cases all the cheap ones were PINK!!! i had to pop for the expensive ones. i LOVE school supplies- folders, spirals, pencils, colored pencils, pens (micro ink pens are probably my favorite)... HEAVEN!
(OOOHHH!!! i got the box yesterday- well i was at work so my hubby and kids opened it up and were like "what's all this- OOH magic tricks!" and spent all day doing magic!- EEEKKS!! So excited to read it once i finish the one i'm reading now!!)

Zoe C. Courtman said...

OMG - don't get me STARTED on school shopping! For my 13-year-old son, it was all about an Adidas sling-style backpack. No matter HOW many times I told the child, "Dude. You're never gonna get all your crap in there", no matter HOW many books I took from the store shelves to shove into the tiny space to show him how they would NOT fit, no matter HOW many times I told him he was gonna regret it, the child had to have it. Sigh. I put my hands up. Told him he could have it. And when he's trying to cram all the books in there and ends up holding half of them, I'm gonna point and snicker. Cuz, truly, sometimes they just gotta learn the hard way. Oisch.