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Friday, July 2, 2010


Do you believe in signs?  I don't want to get all mystical on you, or get into any kind of debate here...just wondering do you believe there are signs when you're on the right life path?  Little clues to let you know which way to go?

I do.

It's okay if you think I've got a hole in my head.  I'm not asking you to believe.  In fact, if you wanna flip over to another blog, I shall not be offended.

I receive signs all the time. They're subtle, and you have to be paying attention, but they are there.

Before I met my husband, I met a string of men who were (a) in the service (b) from the Midwest or (c) had the same name.  Along came hubby who had all those things.  It was like everyone else was a rough draft.

Before we bought this house, we looked at a LOT of houses. At the time we didn't realize it but, we looked at  several houses for sale in our current neighborhood.  It was a trip settling into the new house and looking around, "Hey, didn't we look at that house?  And that one?  And THAT one?"  

Now when I notice a string of coincidences, I try to find the bigger meaning.

Which brings me to my writing tie in.

I am writing because the 'voices' told me to.  I believe if I put forth my best effort I will get published because why else would the voices want me to write?

My sign:  On my TENTH day of blogging (such a newbie), I entered Sarahwithachance's epic contest and won lunch with the fantabulous (when fantastic and fabulous are just not enough) Janet Reid and Suzie Townsend.  Seriously, what are the chances of THAT?  It's a sign I tell you.  (By the way, 10 is my lucky number and my birthday 10-10)

Don't confuse signs with obstacles.  Things won't always land in your lap. You'll have plenty of work to do and hardships to overcome.  But there are always signs that you're on the right path. 

Did a blogger make some random comment that really reverberated with you? You know, the thing you really needed to hear but no one knew to say it? (sign). 

Did you run across a book with an eerily similar plot?  (Don't get mad! It's a sign.  You have great ideas!)  

So, if you read this far, I'm assuming you believe in signs, too.  What signs have you received?  Did you recognize them or were you in denial?


Candyland said...

Sometimes I do, sometimes not. It's easy to be let down when you *think* it was a sign and turns out it wasn't. But, I also think you're right. Yeah, I'm complicated:)

Jen said...

I am a believer of signs, but I also try and be careful because it is all in how you look at things (sometimes that can be a disaster!!)

In my books I even write about signs, it's really funny I hadn't even realized it until my crit partner said something the other day. I guess that's part of me, emotions, feelings, signs, lol!

You'll be happy to visit my blog today... TRUST ME :)

Wendy Ramer said...

I, too, dated a bunch of guys with the same name (or derivative thereof, since I lived in foreign countries). The name was Andrew, and from my first kiss to my last love before my husband, the string of Andrew's is long and twisted (including the Hurricane Andrew who destroyed my childhood home). So when I met my husband, I was sure something was wrong b/c he had no Andrew in his first or middle name. Then he told me one day (without knowing my past) that his mother had wanted to name him Andrew but instead went with Marc. I decided that was God's way of telling me the era of Andrew was over.

Mary said...

I believe in signs. Sometimes I don't recognize them until I'm looking back at why I did a certain thing. Sometimes they hit me like a smack in the head.

Giggles and Guns

Aubrie said...

It's neat that you posted this today because yesterday there was a rainbow over my house and I felt like it was a sign. :)

Mary McDonald said...

I had some signs. My job I have, heck, my whole career came about by pure accident when for some reason I responded to a sign I normally would have ignored.

Creepy Query Girl said...

The moment I finished the last word of the last sentence of the last chapter of my first draft- My husband walked into the house with 'The writer's and Artists Yearbook' and said 'Hey, this just came in the mail'

Kimberly Franklin said...

I believe in signs. I actually received one this week. It's always amazing when that happens.

I just happened to be perusing the web, sulking because I have been so frustrated with my story when BAM!! I read something, one little sentence that makes all the difference. :)

I love when that happens!

KarenG said...

I believe in signs! How can anyone not? Especially writers who are tuned into things with maybe a bit more sensitivity. I'm trying to think of one lately but am drawing a blank. I'm distracted by your link at the top. What a cool way to support authors! I'm going there now to check it out and add my books!

Lydia Kang said...

I definitely perk up when a lot of coincidences happen. But I have to say, what you wrote about seeing your ideas in another book being a sign that you have good ideas? That is a brilliant thought, a great way to turn a negative totally into a positive. Thank you for that thought!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Great post! Haha! You know what signs I've been receiving! :o)

Ann Best said...

Looks like you've been blogging about as long as I have - since April. Fun, isn't it? I saw you came into my blog and signed in as a follower. Now I can follow you!

Over my long life I've been "guided" in many ways, so in a way I do believe in "signs." But I have discovered that some things I thought were signs weren't. It requires discernment.

Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

Anonymous said...

I believe in signs but am careful and try to discern them with wisdom. But sometimes the signs are so loud and blatent that you have to at least explor the option. And then there are dreams, but that's another blog altogether.

Stephen Tremp

Ed Pilolla said...

my indicator of following the signs is my inspiration. when my pilot light flashes, when my furnace room flares, i am roaring down my path.

why not get all mystical on us? you are mystical, clearly. and that doesn't mean you aren't so much else too! once people (like me) understand we can be mystical and not give up anything else that we 'are' then we'd all call ourselves mystical (seems to me).

only your tenth day blogging, huh? so clearly you are not only headed for success, but tasting it now. congrats!

Carolyn V. said...

It's funny. My favorite two places to go (ever since I was young) are either the library or the bookstore. For years I didn't make the connection that I loved to write and my love of books. Don't you think that could be a sign (I really hope so).

Stina Lindenblatt said...

You won the lunch!!! How did it go???

I seriously strained my quad muscles in both legs the other day doing high tuck jumps over a log in a playground and landing on gravel. What did this mean? That I should only listen to my 17 yo voice while writing my YA novel. ;)

Have a great long weekend, Vicki!