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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Musings on Voice

My computer is still at the computer doctor.  I'm typing a quick entry at work on my lunch hour to post tomorrow morning.

Last call for excerpts for the Matchy Match Game/Contest.  Email me a paragraph with your working title.  I'll put up the samples tomorrow morning and leave them up for the weekend. 
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Busy day here at work, and when I'm busy, I like to turn on to listen to music.  I get a better variety on Pandora than I do with local radio stations.  It's programmed to find songs I like so it's a win win.

I'm a musical ignoramus.  I don't know who sings most popular songs today.  I might say, "Oh, I've heard this" but won't know the title of the song or the artist / band that performs it.  My daughter gets annoyed because I ask her all the time who sings certain songs.

BUT there are some artists I recognize right away.  I may not know their name, but they are familiar.  

This afternoon as I was working, listening, & bopping around in my chair, I kept clicking over to Pandora to see who the band was.  A couple times I even thought I might know who it was.  And, miracle of miracles, I was RIGHT!

Being able to recognize what band sings a song you've never heard is the musical equivalent of voice.  It's a unique sound or quality that identifies the artist.  Does that mean all their songs sound the same?  Dear God, I hope not!  Some artists DO fall into this trap though, and you'll find their careers don't last long.

Think about other artists.  Painters, designers.  There is something about their work that is recognizable as being a product of their genius. You know it when you see it.  It is what draws you to their work.  It speaks to you.

Same thing holds true with your writing.  

Voice is your literary fingerprint.  

Your voice sets you apart and attracts readers to you. 

Don't impersonate another's voice.  

This is the equivalent of a cover band, art print, designer knock-off.  

Why would you aspire to be a mimic?

Start a new trend.  
Force people to rethink what they know.  
Forge new ground. 

Above all, use your voice.




Matthew Rush said...

Great advice! Thanks Vicki.

Mason Canyon said...

Helpful advice. Hope your computer comes home today (healthy). :)

Thoughts in Progress

Wendy Ramer said...

Trying. Trying. Trying.

Carolyn V. said...

Love it. It's so true. I really think the voice makes a difference and I love what you said about fingerprint. =)

Lenny said...

hi miss vicki! i got my own voice for sure. just not sure anyone wants to hear it. ha ha. well maybe my brothers and sister will listen but only cause they love me. ha ha. hope that doc cures whats ailing your computer. not fun not hearing your voice but glad you could talk from work.
...hugs from lenny

Dawn said...

Awesome advice. I always struggle with defining voice. Wishing your computer well! (And you, of course)

Jolene said...

And it's just so much easier to write when you're writing as yourself.

Janet Johnson said...

Love it. Finding your voice can be tricky, but if you just stay true to yourself and keep going, you'll find it. Isn't that what the Idol judges keep saying? ;)

So I left you an award over at my blog if you want it. :)