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Friday, June 4, 2010

Virtual Harem Revealed

By request, and for your Friday viewing pleasure, I am about to share with you the current members of my virtual harem.  Membership varies, but I have three permanent members.  

I could forget I was married for any of these three:

Jeremy Northam

I discovered Jeremy as the studly Mr. Knightley in Jane Austen's Emma.  Then I saw him (quite accidentally) in the Misadventures of Margaret and there is a kiss in that movie that knocked the breath out of me the first time.  WHEW.

Then there is the classic, always sexy Pierce Brosnan
Does it get any better than this?  The perfect male specimen, as far as I'm concerned.  oooooooh baby!

Greg Kinnear
I fell for Greggy boy waaaaaay back in the Talk Soup days.  What a handsome hunky man.

Temporary members:

Steve Carell

...I never gave him a second thought until I saw Dan in Real Life.  Then hubba hubba.  He got a Golden Ticket/Invitation to join the Royal Harem.  Look at those EYES!  I'm swooning now...

Eric Bana
A relatively new addition.  I forget what movie he was in that made my heart go pitter pat, but mmmmm, he's definitely qualified!

Mr. Darcy er Colin Firth

Is it getting hot in here or WHAT?  Whew.

Members on probation:

James Marsden

I'm not sure how old he is...I don't ordinarily lust after younger men, but he was so yummy in 27 Dresses.

Josh Duhamel

Fergie may kick my ass for this (and who could blame her?).  I'm thinking he might be a trifle young for me too....but he sure looks good on my screen here.

Quick Disclaimer:  Admission to my harem is purely superficial.  I don't do background checks, character verifications, nada.  These may be the nicest guys on earth or they may be total @$$holes.  Doesn't matter. 

Okay, guys.  There are a few of you out there.  I'm an equal opportunity harem revealer.  So, for you, I've added a few of hubby's harem.  There are more than this, I just can't remember them all.

The Reigning Queen of his harem is Jennifer Jason Leigh.  Love at first sight since her debut in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
This is a grown up picture, though...don't want any creepiness with minor photos

Then there's Jami Gertz

And Steffi Graf  (it's her strong, tennis-playin' legs don'tcha know)

And Tina Fey  (and yes, he did like Sarah Palin too...)

So, there you have it.  Anyone feeling inspired?  Who would you put in your harem?


Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Well now, what a lovely view before I go to bed. Thanks for sharing your aMAzing harem!

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Mmmmm Eric Bana.
I need to have a think about my own harem now. :)

Wendy Ramer said...

LOL. My husband and I call it our "free pass". I've got a few...

Hugh Jackman
Tay Diggs
William Levy (too young, know)
Eduardo Verastegui

I'd love to insert links here but can't, so if you're not familiar with the last two Latin dudes, check them out, Vicki. Worth. The. Viewing.

Wendy Ramer said...


Taye (with an "e" at the end) Diggs

Talli Roland said...

Oh my! Thanks for the eye candy! :) I'd definitely have Colin Firth in mine, too.

Jen said...

Wow thanks for the morning wake up call, loved it!!! You had a lot of great one's!! I really have to think about my choices, I want them to be good, but I loved your list!

Matthew Rush said...

You both had some interesting picks. Not necessarily the standard hunks and babes but certainly attractive nonetheless.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Yes, I have a thing for the Jane Austen dudes, too. Conlin and Jeremy are definitely swoon worthy, as were a number (most) of your other choices.

I was going to check out a few more blogs. But, sigh, I think I'll hang out here a little longer. :D

Tahereh said...

hahahahahaha PRICELESS.

BY THE WAY! i have been checking my google reader every day, like, wth, why hasn't Vicki updated her blog WTH WTH it's been like A WEEK since i've seen any new posts from her, SO I CAME OVER HERE TO SCOLD YOU only to realize i wasn't actually following your blog!!



i don't know what is wrong with my brain.

anywho, all fixed now! hehe

hearts YOU!

have a fabulous weekend!

Dawn said...

Thank you for that wonderful eye candy. You've made me think of some new candidates for Monday's weekly muse avatar.

I laughed at your temp / probation list. I'm trying not to discriminate on age...other than the under 18-year-olds of course :-) I had it set at 20...but that would have eliminated Taylor Lautner :-P

Creepy Query Girl said...

LOL- I definitely noticed a 'good guy' trend. Most of your harem men are comediens and have that genuinely light feel- except for maybe eric bana. Oooh, he's as good as a kick in the gut. My kinda harem man.

Sandy Shin said...

Mr. Darcy! :D

My harem would have many Asian actors nobody heard of before. The current favorite is Lee Min Ho.

Stephanie Thornton said...

I adore Jeremy Northam.


That is all.

Zoe C. Courtman said...

Sigh. In addition to Christian Bale, I'd have to add Patrick Wilson. (He played Night Owl in THE WATCHMEN and that main character in the Kate Winslet film...something about Little Children? Or something? Anyway, Patrick...sigh.

Lydia Kang said...

I love that you have a virtual harem! I have to say I totally agree with Jeremy N, Mr. Darcy aka Colin F (c'mon. He'll ALWAYS be Mr. Darcy). Two of my absolute faves!

Shannon said...

What a great way to break up my weekend of working fun! Now I need to wipe the drool off my keyboard.

Renee Gold said...

looks like my comment to this post went on the ciggerette story post... oh well... HOpefully we wont see our man Pierce with a butt... or will we...silly girls...