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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Poem & Next Top Title Blogfest continued

I'm keeping the Next Top Title Blogfest at the top for the weekend.  Scroll down for a poem I found of my daughter's.

To see the master list of all Blogfest participants, go to
 Slushpile Slut and look in the sidebar.  I will plug back in later this morning to read whatever posts weren't up when I was reading on Saturday...

I wonder if you can guess what's happening in my WIP based on these rejected titles?  I was blown away by the response yesterday, and am seriously considering changing the title based on your feedback.

All In Her Head
Faith's Fiasco
False Memories
Dream Lover
Mind over Matter
Dream Walker
Head Case
Memory's Mirage
Faith, Love & Marriage
False Impressions
Swept Away
Shadows Menace
Virtual Betrayal
Unwilling Submission
Hidden Agendas
Accidental Affair
Behind Closed Eyes
Destiny's Dilemma
Destiny's Choice 
(I like these last two titles, it sounds more romance-y than the book I'm writing.)

I stumbled across this gem of my oldest's the other day.  I'm guessing this was right after her fateful breakup.

Broken Glass

touch the glass and
leave fingerprints
that will never
feelings that will never
under your soft and silent touch
then the glass
shatters, unpredictably
into a million pieces
and they
fall down
cutting into my skin
tears stinging my eyes
as i try to shove them back
together again
whats left now?
a million broken pieces
shoved together in
all the wrong ways
patched up broken glass
and scars that will
never heal

BlackJack Contest is just around the corner!  To sign up, see the fab prizes, or some other important detail I'm too lazy to type, go HERE


Talli Roland said...

I missed yesterday (took a small blog breather) but I like 'All in Her Head'!

And wow - what a brilliant poem!

Mason Canyon said...

Love the poem.

Thoughts in Progress

Theresa Milstein said...

Even though these are rejected, I'm partial to Head Case. You had a lot of options!

Impressive poem.

Renae said...

What a great poem!

Clara said...

Mind over matter is a very cool title. Also, the poem is so deep, but so simple at the same time, I absolutely LOVED it!

Raquel Byrnes said...

Kinda like Accidental Affair. Makes me wonder how that can happen. I'd read it.

elizabeth mueller said...

Wow, I thought I left a comment here?? :( Where did it go? I didn't see the second set of titles. I thought "Soft and Silent Touch" sounds good alone! Thank you for following my blog!! :D