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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miss C's Poetry

She's 14 now and would probably kill me for dragging this baby out of the archives.  She wrote it in third grade, and I was blown away at the time by the way she paired everything up...which is why I saved it.

Email Mom & Internet Tom

There was a girl named E-mail Mom
Then a boy named Internet Tom
There was a girl named Wax Keen
Then a boy named Lighter Gean
There was a girl named Cloud Dot
Then a boy named Air Spot
There was a girl named Leaf Callie
Then a boy named Trunk Tallie
E-mail Mom and Internet Tom met and became a computer
Wax Keen and Lighter Gean met and became a candle
Cloud Dot and Air Spot met and became the sky
Leaf Callie and Trunk Tallie met and became a tree
Computer, Candle, Sky, Tree
I all own these, but I don't own them for free

They found some kids on the side of the street
They were so dirty they smelled like feet
E-mail Mom and Internet Tom got a little word program
Wax Keen and Lighter Gean got a little lid for the  candle
Cloud Dot and Air Spot got the blue for the sky
Leaf Callie and Trunk Tallie got the branches for the tree
Then they all walked home and then went to sleep
The next morning, when the parents woke up
The thing was so shocking that they hung out their tongues like a pup
Their children were grown
And were now were leaving home
The parents cried
They almost died
When their children left home
They were left all alone
This is what they married:
The word program named Jane married a keyboard named Cane
The little lid for the candle named Ricksie married a bottom of a candle named Trixie
The blue for the sky named Jenny married the moon named Kenny
The branch for the tree was named Jim and he married a girl named Kim
Then they all got settled in a house and never found a child
How wild!

I think she was reachin' a little there at the end, but I still think it's cute!
Enjoy what's left of your weekend!


Creepy Query Girl said...

That is so cute! I can't believe a third grader wrote it. Awesome. Some talented kiddies you got there! Like their mama:)

MissV said...

Creepy - I am fascinated by the girls' different writing styles. K is all about relationships and taking care of little ones. C is full of major drama--someone always dies or is injured.

When I was a kid, I was writing fairy tales! hahaha.

Talli Roland said...

Aw, cute! And really good, actually, for someone so young! You have smart offspring. :)

Bish Denham said...

Wonderful. Oh the places the imagination of child will go. We can all learn something.

MissV said...

Talli - you know the way to a momma's heart! Just say sweet things about her babies! Sister got back from London last night. So many awesome pictures! She's trying to get me to go next year! (Not much of an argument from me!)

Bish - Isn't it amazing the things kids come up with on their own? Hope you had a wonderful weekend.