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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kathryn Stockett - The Help

My sister and I made a mad dash to Iowa City Sunday afternoon to see Kathryn Stockett of The Help.  I'm so glad we did.  She (my sister, not Kathryn) is the one who's been telling me to read it, so it was fitting she join me for the adventure.

The last talk I went to was DULLSVILLE.  That author will remain nameless, but all we got was a 45 minute reading.  I almost fell asleep and my husband actually did doze off.  There wasn't a soul snoozing on Sunday though!

I'll admit I was hesitating to read this book.  First, the whole runaway hit thing. I'm always afraid the book, movie, or life-changing oven cleaner won't live up to they hype.  Second, I was unsure about the whole racial theme.  I can get really worked up when people are mistreated in a book and I was afraid that this had the potential to really tick me off knowing that it wasn't likely to be all sunshine and rainbows.

But I was wrong.  From the very first page, the voice sucked me in.  The voice so thoroughly infiltrated my head, I've been walking around with a Southern twang for the last two days and I've been thinking things like, "that ain't gone do".  

If for no other reason, you should read this book to find out what Minny did to the pie.  And the ummmm unannounced visitor that Celia and Minny had to deal with.  ANYHOW....

Kathryn came in, talked a few minutes about her inspiration for the book, read a short passage (no more than 5 mins), then took questions.  She came across as a sweet and genuine person.  She has a great sense of humor!  It was a lively time.  It completely restored my faith in author talks/signings.

One funny thing (maybe I should save this for Mock Me Monday).  I gave my sister my camera to take a picture with Kathryn.  While waiting for her to click it, I made a stupid face. 

It can't be helped, it's a genetic response to having a camera in your face. Everyone in my family (picture-taking sister included) does it.  In this case, I stuck my tongue out and crossed my eyes.  Woops.

I swear I never thought about it.  It just happened.  As soon as I DID make the face I panicked--is that the height of disrespect when sitting next to a NY Times best-selling author?

God loves me though.  And I guess he figured he'd give me a freebie because my sister clicked just before (or just after) this hideous face so a nice smile was captured instead. WHEW.

Oh, and we were totally coordinated.  I had white capris and a black top and she had the opposite.  It shows ya we're destined to be best buds, dontcha think?

EXERCiSE: 30 mins
WATER: about 4 glasses - the Diet Coke with lunch threw me off track
BOOK: made it over 40k, but not by much


Anonymous said...

Best buds for sure. Its a sign. I had a book signing I showed up to and there were about 25 chairs set up. I asked the store manager why. He said for reading to the customers.

I gasped. And I never gasp. I politely asked the chairs be put away. I'm much better at mingling and talking to people, not reading to them. I can see how this could be very boring. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it.

Stephen Tremp

Matthew Rush said...

That's great! Sounds like a fun time.

I keep hearing great things about this book, I guess I'll have to add it to my to be read list.

MissV said...

Stephen, my book isn't even FINISHED, but I'm already contemplating things like that. I can see the advantage of mingling over audience / podium thing...but I think I need the podium (to hide my shaky knees hahaha)

Matthew, it was a good book. Hugely popular with women, though there were a few men in the room (I personally saw two!)

Jen said...

I think I need to pick this book up, I've only heard great things, and knowing at one point you were hesitant but loved her voice the minute you picked it up made me confident enough to put it higher on my list of TBR!!!

MissV said...

Jen, I think you'd enjoy it. I'd loan you my copy if you were closer!

Talli Roland said...

Sounds like a good book. And it's such a nice photo you'd never guess a stupid face was lurking... :)

Shannon said...

Thanks for the review. I had the same misgivings, but I'm now more inclined to check it out.

Creepy Query Girl said...

It's so awesome how you're able to attend these things! Sounds like a great read! I'm fixin to go check it out;)

MissV said...

Talli, I'm so relieved I didn't screw up the picture. You know I wouldn't have posted it here if my tongue were wagging!

Shannon, If you do read it let me know what you think.

Creepy, I'm kicking myself for never having looked before. I hate to think how many cool things I've missed out on because I (gasp) thought these things would be boring!

Elana Johnson said...

Wow, so cool! Glad you got to meet her, and I can't wait to read this book. :)

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Glad you had a fab time. I guess now I have another book on my to read list.

notesfromnadir said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. Will add it to my list.

I see nothing wrong with the picture -- just a couple of happy looking people! :)

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

So glad you got the good picture you didn't think you had. Although I'm a little jealous! I've had opportunities to take pictures with authors, but I'm always too reserved, I guess. I clam up and can't do more than grunt as I shove my book in their direction.

Don't you just love a good reading? I'm considering driving 3 hours for a book reading/signing. Hope it's not dullsville.