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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Capital of Turkey six year old just came up to me and said, "What's the Capital city of Turkey?"

If you know my son, you know this is not a lead-in to a joke.  He's serious.  And he expects an answer.

Unfortunately, I'm a little rusty on my world capitals.

Okay.  I'm a lot rusty.

I replied, "Is it Istanbul?"

To tell you the truth, Istanbul was the only city I could think of and I wasn't even 100% sure it was in Turkey.

My world geography has suffered since I left high school.  (haha...not that I was ever truly proficient)

He looked at me like I just grew a second nose.

"Nooooo.  It's Ankara."

Allrightie then.

I Googled it.  He's right.

So I ask him what the capital of Italy is.  "Rome" (only he says it with a cute accent, like "Roh May")
France?  "Pair issss"
Spain? "Mah Dreed"
Greece, "Ahh Theens"

He disappeared into his room for a  few minutes.  When he came back he was talking about
his new restaurant.

You'll never guess what he called it.

The Big Toe Nail Restaurant.

Oh yeah, that's appetizing, isn't it?

And do you know what they serve at the Big Toe Nail Restaurant?

Toddler Tacos of course.  No word on whether the tacos are made out of toddlers or made for toddlers. 

Okay, so maybe I'm bragging a wee bit.  He just cracks me up all the time.  Expect to hear more about him.  He's a colorful character.  One day he's going to star in one of my books!

FYI:  Tomorrow is Blog Jog day! 

What is the Blog Jog?  A network of over a hundred different blogs for your reading pleasure.  I'll be participating, and giving away some yum yums because I'm nice like that. Imagine how many new friends you could make!

So when you wake up (not too early though, it's Momma's Day), lace up your runnin' shoes and pop over for a lap or two around the Blog Jog.  Should be a good time!

Also a reminder that I'll unveil all the hoops I'm gonna make you jump through to score the junk food doohickeys.  Nah, it'll be easy. 


Talli Roland said...

He sounds hilarious! Love the title of his restaurant; very appetizing! :)

Happy almost Mothers' Day.

Mary McDonald said...

I thought Istanbul too. Glad to find out the real answer. Next time it comes up in conversation, I'll be ahead of the game. ;-)

I love the toddler tacos. hehe.

I'm a bit foggy on what we're supposed to do for the blog jog? I'd like to participate, but what do I do? Also, I have a post scheduled already--should I change the day it posts or add something about the blog jog? Or can we post about anything?

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Toddler tacos, heehee.
Will pop by tommorrow for the blog jog. :)

Theresa Milstein said...

No offense, but the name of the restaurant would prevent me from going there, even if the tacos aren't made of actual toddlers.

My son is a walking encyclopedia too. I'm a teacher, and he stumps me anyway. The older he gets, the worse it is. And my son loves cooking, so I'm thinking he'll either be a chef or teacher.

Now that I think of it, these two boys are eerily similar...

Carolyn V. said...

What a cutie (and so smart)! I'm afraid I'd have problems answering those questions too.

Have a great Mother's Day! =)

Wendy Ramer said...

Your son and my daughter should join forces in the restaurant business. She's set up a cafe in her closet (what? clothes? I don't need 'em!) and CHARGES visitors for the real food she prepares - like cheese sandwiches, bottled water, and goldfish crackers. It's called the Caterpillar Cafe and has an Eric Carle stuffed caterpillar as its mascot.

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

I have an award for you on my blog :)

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I'm in awe of your son! Too cute!!!!!

I left you an award today on my blog :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Dawn said...

I'd like to see the menu for the Big Toe Nail Restaurant - how many different types of Toddler Tacos are available? Does he deliver to Edmonton? If so...allow me to place my order :-)

Happy Mother's Day, Miss V.

MissV said...

Talli, he is hilarious. There for awhile he LOVED infomercials. All I had to do was turn the TV to an infomercial in the morning and go whisper, "Cody, The G2 Swivel Sweeper is on" and he'd shoot out of bed like a rocket.

Mary, the blog jog is a network of over 100 blogs (all types) that will be linked up for Sunday and Monday. You can start here at mine or go to the master list at There are a lot of contests, discounts, and freebies to be had so if you get a chance check it out!

Lindsay, I'm really glad I don't have any toddlers left in the house, I'm not sure they'd be safe! tee hee.

Theresa, it does seem like our boys have a lot in common. Would be fun to watch them recite facts to each other!

Carolyn, You should see him. He likes to take the Trivial Pursuit game out and play Game Show. He even has breaks for commercials and makes sound effects for right/wrong answers!

Wendy, I love the name of the restaurant! That's adorable! I'd totally eat there!

Alli Allo, awesome! Thanks for the heads up. Been one of those days and I'm a little behind on my rounds.

Nicole, Thanks for the award! Happy Mother's Day to you, too!!!

Dawn, I'd love to come visit Edmonton...I'll be sure to bring you some tacos when I do!

notesfromnadir said...

That is so funny to read about The Big Toenail Restaurant. I'd really enjoy seeing their logo! :)