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Saturday, May 8, 2010

BLOG JOG & Mother's Day Tribute

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I lost my mom to cancer three years ago.  My brothers and sisters and I each wrote Mom a letter which was read at her funeral.  My mom set the bar pretty high.  I don't know if I'm as good a mother as she was, but I'm trying.  Here, in honor of my fabulous mother, is the letter I wrote.

Dear Mom,

I always knew growing up that you loved me.  You told me every day, and you showed me by making me eat three meals a day.  You insisted I wear a coat, hat, and mittens when it was cold. You gave me hugs when I was sad.  You took care of me when I was sick.  You told me you were proud of me.  You showed me you loved me in a thousand other ways.

I knew.  I always knew.

But then we brought Courtney home from the hospital - tiny and pink.  I sat on the sofa and held this perfect miracle in my arms.  She was so beautiful.  I loved her with a ferocity I didn't know existed.  And I cried for days because this was a whole new kind of love for me. 

I didn't know what love was until I became a mother.

But you knew.  You always knew.

Now you're gone.   I'm relieved your pain is over.  But mine has just begun.  

I will miss you more than words can say.

I love you, Mom.



I've been itching to give stuff away to all my awesome blogger buds, so in honor of Mother's Day, I'm giving away my favorite junk food (because Moms are sooooo sweet you see) in these handy dandy nifty thrifty novelty garbage cans.  I wanted the metal ones but they were sold out and I'm telling you I was looking online for HOURS. 

So's the deal.
  1. Be a follower.  Easy enough, a couple clicks and you're done.
  2. Email me your favorite Mom memory.  Maybe it's about your mom.  Maybe it's when you became a mom.  Maybe it's someone who was a mom-like role model.  I'm not looking for exceptional writing, I'm looking for touching memories.  Keep it under 500 words if you can.  I may just post my favorite entries.
  3. It'd be nice to have you mention the give away on your own blog, but I'm not going to require it.  I want to keep this simple, so we'll just make this an optional thing.  
  4. Have items 1 & 2 complete by midnight central time on SUNDAY MAY 16th.  Winners will be selected somehow...either the one that makes my cry/laugh longest or I'll pick numbers at random.

I'll give away one junk food kit for every 10-15 entries I receive. 
SEND EMAIL ENTRIES TO:  MissVSpeaks (at) gmail (dot) com
Questions?  Leave them in the comments below.  Or just say hi.  It's all good.


Carolyn V. said...

What a wonderful note for your mother. Thank you for sharing. =)

Theresa Milstein said...

What a sweet tribute to your mother. I remember the feeling of having my son and realizing what a true blessing, enormous responsibility, and so on that being a parents means. It made me see my parents in a new light.

MissV said...

Carolyn, I was going to post my brothers' and sisters' notes too because as a collection they're very powerful...but none of them sent me their letters.

Theresa, well said! I felt so much closer to my mom once I became one. And so sorry for those little things I used to do to irritate her....

Wendy Ramer said...

I didn't know true love either until my first child was born.

My favorite mom memories are wandering into her room and ending up in a spontaneous chat with her about life or boy things. We'd lie on her bed and just talk, and I loved that. I also loved how she tried to make puns and laugh herself into a giggle fit, even if they weren't funny. She's still with me, but we don't have those kinds of times anymore...childhood is priceless.

Joylene said...

Hi Miss V. I'm so sorry about your mother. Today must be difficult. I lost my mum in 1999 and I still miss her badly.

Bill Kirton said...

Just to drop in a wee male perspective - and confirm that it's as intense as the female one (although it obviously falls short of the magical process of actually carrying your child inside you). Losing my own mum was the worst day of my life by far but she'd be angry with me if I got morose about it, so I won't. And I agree that parental love leaves all others way behind. Thanks for a lovely posting.

Talli Roland said...

What a brilliant note to your mum. How lucky we are to have had people like that raising us, and I'm sure your child will feel the same.

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting one of my sites and Happy Mother's Day!
Theresa Faulkner

Megalicious said...

I'm very sorry about your mother, cancer is a horrible disease.

Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you too! Being an admin stinks!!!! =P

Lillie Ammann said...


This is a lovely tribute to your mother, and reading the letters from all the children was a lovely thing to do at her funeral.

Lillie Ammann
A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye

Mary McDonald said...

That's a beautiful tribute to your mother. I hope you have a great Mother's Day.

SiNn said...

i sent an email loved the tribute to ur mom ! happy mothersday to you and yours

im now a follower

Dawn said...

That's a beautiful tribute to your Mom, Miss V. Thanks for sharing. Happy Mother's Day.

MissV said...

Wendy, what a wonderful memory of your mom. If you've never told her how much those moments meant, you should!

Joylene, thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your mom. I think it's the hardest relationship to relinquish.

Bill, thanks for adding your perspective. Didn't mean to exclude the male point of view. The parent-child bond is the strongest there is.

Talli, I do consider myself very lucky.

Theresa, thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Megalicious, thanks for swinging by! Being an admin certainly has it's moments...I've got a great boss right now, though so I won't complain!

Lillie, it started out the pastor was just going to read snippets, but he decided what we wrote was better than anything he could come up with.

Mary, I had an awesome Mother's Day. Spoiled from beginning to end. Could get used to this!

SiNn, I've got your entry, thanks! I can't wait to read them all. I'll be sure to have a box of tissues handy.

Dawn, Hope you hada wonderful day!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

That is such a lovely letter to your mom. I'm sure she would be very touched to receive it.

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh, that letter is just beautiful. I hope wherever your mom is that she heard your words. Happy Mother's Day Miss V!

stacey said...

I'm a Follower and happy to be here.Happy Mothers day.


A great tribute. Loved all your recent posts--and I agree that any and all work experience does feed into writing, however unconsciously. Great posts. Thanks for sharing.