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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Writing & Inspiration

I'll let you in on a little secret. I am quietly writing a book. My family knows, and a few close friends are in the loop, but I don't like telling most people. It sounds so pretentious. I understand the odds are stacked against me as far as publishing goes, but that's so far off, I'm not going to worry about that hurdle. I'm concentrating on writing the danged thing first.

I gotta tell you I was a bit surprised at how much work goes into writing a book. I was seriously deluded in the beginning. I thought that because I like to write my biggest struggle would be finding time and sticking with it. Turns out that's the easy part! There is way more research involved than I ever anticipated. Stupid things like the kind of car my character drives, needing to find out how much leg room it has so I know whether or not her husband will be cramped or not when he has to bum a ride to work.

Once I got my facts straight, I had to start worrying about the voice. Still worrying over that one. It is FLAT right now, and I'm not sure how to fix it. It comes and goes so I'm hoping if I just keep plunking away it'll start coming more than it goes and I can patch the weak spots during revisions.

The hardest thing, though, is knowingly writing absolute crap just so I can get through a sticky spot and move on. I could obsess over a paragraph or two for weeks. I need to give myself permission to let the writing suck for the sake of progress and worry about healing the broken bones later.

I gotta get the kids set up so they can color Easter eggs. Plus I have to devise the treasure hunt. We hide clues in plastic eggs and have them running all over the house. At the end of the hunt they'll find their basket. It's kinda a pain to set up, but they have so much fun doing it!

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