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Friday, April 16, 2010

Wardrobe Writing... ;-)

It's FRIDAY!!!! Tax insanity is over and I survived! Can you join me in a great big freakin' YAY???

Obviously, I've been thinking a lot about writing lately, and coming up with various metaphors / analogies. For example, I discovered as I was getting dressed for work yesterday, that I write like I get dressed. First, I stand in front of my closet. What to wear? (translation: what to write?). I see a dress, but decide against it, it's just too easy to be right...and more than a little obvious (such a cliche!). Instead I look through a pile of (clean) laundry I need to put away. Aha! I like this shirt, let's wear this (I like this phrase/scene/etc. Let's write it.). I put it on and put on a pair of pants. Ew! Why do I still own these? (delete). I try another pair of pants. Oh God, no! This doesn't go at all. I survey closet again. Maybe I don't want to wear this shirt. I try on another shirt. (delete, rewrite). Uh uh. This just doesn't feel right. Take off top and pants and put on original dress (quick delete, rewrite simple & clean). hahaha!

Progress Report Day 5
Exercise: 30 minutes. I went for a jog on the trail and while I did slow now and again to catch my breath, I ran waaaay more than I walked, so I'm happy. Also, I'm happy to report that I am down 3 pounds since I re-committed to healthier living.
Water: 7 glasses. Funny thing about getting my fill of water during the day, I'm less likely to snack on stupid stuff. It's the snacking that gets me. I do pretty good with my 3 meals a day, but those in-between munchies really pack on the calories for me!

Today's featured bag was a dress in a former life. Not sure if you can see, but there's a really pretty cranberry satin lining in this one. Incidentally, these aren't mine. I have purse envy, but I can't be bothered switching out all my crap from one purse to another. I buy one, wear it out, then buy another one.


Matthew Rush said...

Morning MissV. Love the new layout. Congrats on surviving taxes. I always file ASAP, but then I'm always owed money by the government, so there is that.

Have a great weekend!

Today's guest blogger is Rachel Alpine!

JustineDell said...

OMG, now I will never get dressed the same way again. You've put a whole new spin on getting ready for the day. ;-)

Again...nice bag.


Carole Anne Carr said...

LOVED the dress! Hugs...

MissV said...

Matthew, I did MY taxes weeks's all the last minute IRA contributions at work that had me pulling my hair out. It's short enough as it is, I really shouldn't be tugging any more out. haha.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Justine, sorry if I sucked you into my dressing delusions, haha. Just the tip of the iceberg for my errrr 'specialness'. Stick around and I'm sure you'll be laughing sooner or later!

Carole, thanks! By the way, I'm happy to hear you're revising your book to let a girl have the starring role. That's too awesome for words!