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Monday, April 5, 2010


Sometimes I amaze myself, and not in a good way.

It was back to school for the kidlings this morning. I managed to get them all up, dressed, and fed on time. I managed to get myself showered, dressed, and fed. I remembered to bring a water to work with me (we have soft water in the office and I just can't drink the stuff). I even packed my gym bag so I could hit the gym over lunch. I was a paragon of preparedness.

Except I forgot to pack shoes. I had a change of clothes, a towel for the post-run shower. I had makeup and hair goop for recreating the external self post-shower. I even stuck in a book to read during the walking warm-up and cool-down. HOW did I forget shoes? What's worse, is that I had them in my hand at one point because I carried them all the way downstairs with me. Guess I'll be hitting the gym after dinner instead which cuts into my writing time, dagnabit.

Book Update:
I'm on a roll with my writing, the action is starting to pick up and I can't wait to get back to it. When I started planning this story, I was surprised that the characters and plot line haunted me when I was doing other things. It really just shows how naive I was about the whole process. I guess it makes sense that if you want the story to grab readers so they are thinking about it while they are unable to read, then it sure as heck better be grabbing the author when he/she is writing it. Just one more of the glorious discoveries I'm uncovering as I plod along.

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