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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sharing your work...

How hard is it for you to share your work in progress? Is it easier for you to share it online or with friends and family? And how far along in the creation process are you before you feel comfortable sharing? For me, I don't like to share it at all until I've taken it as far as I can on my own. I realize this can be detrimental as I am likely to overlook major flaws in either the plot or character because I am too close to the work to see it objectively. Once I'm reasonably happy with it (are we ever really satisfied 100%?), I can share, though it's much easier for me to share online than with anyone I actually know.

Even weirder (or perhaps normal, you tell me), I can't write at all if I'm being watched. It's kinda funny, because I'm writing in the hope the world will read it and enjoy it, yet I can't let anyone watch me create? When I sit in the living room, I sit on the far side of the couch, in the corner so no one can see. When I'm at Barnes & Noble or the library, I reduce the screen zoom so the on-screen font looks tiny even though it's not the standard 12 points. Can't have anyone reading over my shoulder!

Progress Report - Day Four
Exercise: errr...I chose a bad week to institute the exercise quota. I've worked through my lunch all week. 5k run is Saturday--I'll get plenty of exercise then. Next week I won't have any excuses since the tax week will be over.!
Water: 6 full glasses (PLUS I overdosed on fruit at dinner. Had fruit kabobs with pineapple, banana, grapes, strawberries, apples and oranges. Was uber yummy)
Book: well, to tell ya the truth, I kinda got caught up in the blogosphere. I was reading the entries to THIS contest.

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JustineDell said...

At first, it was VERY hard to share anything. A completed book, a wip, or just a simple idea. I'm the type whose terrified of rejection and all things that tell me I suck, so I figured it best to just keep quiet and do everything on my own.

I had to get over it, of course. A writer can function and do everything they need to do unless they share there work and get feedback. It's still hard, some of the feedback is still difficult to take, but it makes me a better writer.

And man! I'm getting jealous of all the purses.


Creepy Query Girl said...

If I didn't have my cousin cheering me on through my first book, I might not have finished. It helped to have feedback, just knowing that someone else was going to see what was on the page made me excited to move it along. Now that it's finished, I was also just as excited to pass it along to my critics group. This was all done through email/internet so maybe it would be different if I had to talk face to face with someone who's read it. But in my current WIP, I'm really doing most of it on my own, without a second pair of eyes watching the plot unroll. There's one critiquing partner I have whose been looking at large chunks of it here and there but I think I won't be ready to really take anyone else's comments onboard until I've finished the whole thing.

Matthew Rush said...

It's so easy to get wrapped up in blogging and reading blogs. I have to remind myself not to let it take over my other writing.