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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photographically Challenged

I was going to add a picture of me last night, to personalize things a bit. I know I love seeing pictures of people while I'm reading blogs. Problem is 100%of the pictures are on another computer. I tried to take a few, I did, but they did not pass muster. I was tired and looked it.

I'm not vain, really I'm not. In fact, I could probably do with a good dose of vanity now and again. I do my hair once in the morning and forget about it. But ummmm a lot of bad things can happen to your hair in the course of an eight hour workday and I should probably at least glance in the mirror now and again to make sure I'm not going to frighten small children.

But, I digress. The pictures I took sucked and I wasn't about to let the first impression be, “God, she looks puffy and tired”. So I added the kids instead. They're cuter anyway. I recharged the camera's battery overnight so I'll have plenty of juice when I try again.

Book Progress:
While at work yesterday, all I could think about was the upcoming scene in my book.
My main character has suspected her husband has been foolin' around but he's talked his way out of trouble every time. Last night, though, she was going to find evidence when he least expected her to. Major turning point, everything that happens from here on out depends on her response to this discovery. Oh, the drama! Oh, the suspense! Only problem was I was too tired to do the scene justice so now I'll have to go back and rewrite.

The whole infidelity theme in the book has my husband spooked. Which makes me wonder how what we write affects our day-to-day lives. Does anyone eat, speak, or live differently when they've been spending too much time with their characters?


Matthew Rush said...

Not me, but I write YA fantasy so it's easy. I'm sure if I wrote Romance or contemporary, commercial fiction that might be different.

Best of luck with it!

Carole Anne Carr said...

We are our characters aren't we, so I suppose we are digging into different parts of our personality when we write. Not surprising we are hung up on these 'people'! :0)

Carole Anne Carr said...

Thanks so much for joining me. I hope you'll enjoy your visits to this old country and I'll follow you with interest. I'm a shameless optomist too, I need to be at my age! :0)

Kind regards, Carole.