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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You know, when I first started writing this book and touring the various blogs out there, I kept reading about how many ideas my fellow writers were having. I was jealous because at the time I couldn't think beyond the current book.

Not to say I wasn't ever inspired. I was. Just not with entirely new plot lines. I get snippets of conversations or situations to amp up the tension. I was grateful for these tokens, but I worried. What if I only had one book in me? I felt like a fraud. I'm pretty sure every writer has days like that, but that's not much of a consolation when the pity-me monster strikes.

And then it happened. Driving home from work the other day it hit me. A new idea. I had a date with hubbers that night, but I made him wait so I could frantically scribble notes before I forgot. Then, when was driving up to my sister's this weekend inspiration struck again. YAY...well, sorta yay.

What's the problem? Well, I love these new ideas - I do! I can't wait to develop them! - but they certainly do distract me from the task at hand. Do I want to slog my way through a difficult scene in the current MS or do I want to shove it aside and play with the new ideas? Which is better for me in the long run? Some may be able to bounce back and forth between projects, but I really need to do one thing at a time. I try to use the lure of a new project to get me to finish the current one. I want to work on the new one, so I force myself to finish this one!

Progress Report - Day Three
Exercise: Umm...didn't get there today. Not to make excuses, but I worked through lunch (747 flyers don't fold and stuff themselves), after work I had to take one to Girl Scouts, stop at Target, take the other to her friend's house, then back to pick up the first one.
Water: Eight glasses - woo hoo
Book: 37k (not a huge gain, but that's what I get for typing in the living room while hubs was watching The Office. Should've hidden in the family room downstairs.)


JustineDell said...

I love it when a new idea drops into my lap! Good for you! But I also hate it when it interferes with the current wip. It's a delicate'll find yours. ;-)

Another cool purse!! AWESOME!


Creepy Query Girl said...

Keep a file! That's what I do. When a new idea strikes, I write down the gist of it in a small paragraph on my computer and then put it away. I usually give it vague title that can be changed later. I agree that most often it's best to finish what you've started before jumping into someting new. Finishing your first book lets you know you CAN do it. It's a great feeling and it will give you more confidence in persuing your new ideas. PS- I still have that tae bo dvd in its wrapper on the counter. Haven't even opened yet...

MissV said...

Justine, Too bad I can't jog down to the store (I need the exercise minutes afterall) to pick up a jumbo box of balance. I don't really follow astrology, but apparently as a Libra, my life is happiest when balanced (duh, isn't everyone's?) I'm working on it. :)

QueryGirl - I have started keeping I need to organize them! I also need to take a break and write up cheat sheets on my characters because I'm starting to confuse myself the deeper into it I get...was she blue eyed or green? How long have they been married? Take out that tae bo DVD and do it on Saturday...I'll be chugging along in my first 5k, you can inspire me from afar! ;)