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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Better Late than Never

Happy Saturday! I didn't get to post this morning because I was at my sister's in Wisconsin. I brought my laptop, but she didn't have wireless. Her neighbor had wireless, AND it was unsecured so I tried to leech off their connection, but for some reason I couldn't access the internet. Worse, when I got home a few hours ago, I still couldn't access the internet. I fixed it, but I'm not sure how.

My sister has been making these awesome purses all winter, and I went up to help her at her first ever craft sale. The purses were fabulous, but there weren't any customers. It was really sad. If there were 100 people (over the course of 5 hours), I'd be surprised. If I can figure out how to do it, there will be a cute photo below of one of my favorites:

I had a post about balance all prepared, but I've just decided to wing it. I think I'm still going to talk about balance, because it's been sadly missing in my life, but I sometimes think it's better if I just wing it than if I over-think it. Ready for the ride?

Obviously, my life is out of balance (duh, why else would I have brought the subject up?). Last year was somewhat better, I started the year out watching what I ate and going to the gym regularly and I lost almost 45 pounds. Then I had surgery in December and wasn't allowed to do ANYTHING but walk (slowly at that) for six weeks. I gotta say Christmas time is not the best time to reduce your exercise regime to nothing.

I regained some of that lost 45, but I don't know how bad it is because I haven't had the courage to step on the scale in weeks. Writing hasn't helped because it's hard to quit in the middle of a scene to go to the gym...and often by the time I'm in a good quitting spot I'm too tired to go. Tsk tsk. This has got to stop. Seriously.

So, I am going to embark on a rather public campaign to regain the balance in my life. I'm going to do this by forcing mandatory quotas on myself until things even out. I will repor on my progress at the end of each post. Fear of being chastised will keep me in line. The goals are:

Exercise at least 200 minutes each week
This equals roughly 30 minutes a day. I think initially I need to go every day until I make this a habit again. (My lunch hour at work is perfect...when I remember to bring my shoes!)
I will drink at least six glasses of water a day.
I know I'm supposed to have eight, but we're taking baby steps here!
Write at least six hours a week.
I was trying to do an hour a day, but this has been taking over. I think I need to set 2-3 days a week where I leave the house to write. This is writing time, not catching up on email, facebook, and/or blogs time. Pertinent research is allowed.

Anyone want to join me? I start the fun tomorrow!
(I keep finding typos...I've fixed the glaring ones, so let me just apologize for any I've missed...comes with the territory when you're winging it!)


Creepy Query Girl said...

sweety- I know how you feel! Where my life lacks balance, I invent it. In my imagination. lol. I just recieved my tae-bo dvd in the mail (I used to use the cassette tapes I bought way back when but they're spent) I don't get out of the house much on my own since I've yet to acquire my french driving permit (it's like trying to pass the bar exam) So most writing and excersise is done in or around the house! But I get a lot of vacation/free time with my work schedule so I'm on this with you! Summer's coming dammit.

MissV said...

I've never tried tae-bo, though everyone I know who has tried it loved it. I just feel like a complete idiot doing things like that in front of my TV.

My oldest daughter is going to France on a school trip next year. Not sure where exactly they'll be going yet, but she'll be gone for almost three weeks. I'm so jealous.