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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Creativity At Last!

I'm here with a bonus posting (yeah, I know you're all so glad you were sitting down for this one) because I have had to call upon my creative genius (haha) at work. I have "written" a flyer to tout an upcoming talk/presentation/seminar my boss is giving with a colleague. If only I could count the 747 (yes, I counted) copies I've printed as a publishing credit. hahaha.

Of course, since life is all about balance, I should also mentioned that the euphoria from doing something other than typing social security numbers into tiny form boxes will be short lived. I now have 747 flyers to fold, 747 envelopes to print, stuff, and seal.

The GOOD news, I suppose, is that such grunt work is a perfect opportunity to let the mind wander. I have some of my greatest ideas while doing mundane tasks.

Back to work...only 600 more flyers to fold!

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