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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Contest!

Ya gotta love it when total strangers offer to give you stuff just for befriending 'em.

Check Out Stina and Steena's OMG contest!  It's easy to enter and the prizes are fab of course!


Steena Holmes said...

Ok - that comment made me smile :)

So Miss V ... you're an EA (as your profile says) - I lived the life for 5 years as an EA ... wow. I couldn't handle it with my kidlets - the stress was too much for me ... I ended up eating too much chocolate :)

MissV said...


I've been an EA for (counting) errrr, a long time. Since 1992? (OMG, I've gotten old!)

I've got a great job now. Super nice boss and it's just the two of us so no politics to deal with, and when I need a day off because of the kidlings, he grants it no questions asked.

I'm not above do you take your chocolate? White? Milk? Dark? With nuts or without? hahahaha